What's the best career pathway for success at the moment? Say you're a senior in high school. What pathway would you choose for yourself?

Also, is this a good pathway for accounting?

1. Go to University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
2. Major in Accounting
3. Maintain a high GPA (3.5+)
4. Work for about 3-5 years and then enroll a top 20 business school (I have some contacts and hooks)
5. Move up the ladder

I'm aware that who you know is is about a million times more valuable than what you know. Any advice?

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stop what you are doing and get out and have fun....go to a college then realizing if you can even handle everything and getting good grades (most people crack and cant) then we will talk career

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Business school is useless if you want to be an accountant. Focus on getting a masters in accounting and passing the CPA exam.

It's hard to say what the "best" path to success is, but as long as you work hard, do well in school, actively look for internships and other jobs, keep busy with clubs and are not completely socially inept you will be fine.


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