What's your setup? Flex your WFH rig

Time to flex your WFH rig and share any good advice you might have.

What is your:

  1. Role
  2. WFH status
  3. Living situation
  4. Daily dress
  5. Desk location and configuration
  6. Monitor configuration and models
  7. Computer (laptop, desktop, model, specs)
  8. Internet connection
  9. Video calling setup and accessories
  10. Keyboard and mouse models
  11. Printer situation
  12. Pros, cons, and advice

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May 14, 2020
  1. senior consultant at a big 4 firm
  2. full work from home during pandemic, usually fridays at home normally
  3. i own a house and have multiple housemates
  4. on a tech client so t shirts unless it's a meeting with a senior client stakeholder
  5. in my room, 55" wide desk
  6. right monitor 32" 1440p, left monitor 27" 1080p
  7. laptop for work, desktop for personal. kvm switch for peripherals including monitors
  8. 300 down comcast (using wifi so i get like 100 down)
  9. webcam attached to big monitor, bose qc35s for audio
  10. steelseries mechanical keyboard with cherry reds, MX master 3rd generation mouse
  11. my setup kicks ass, no cons

i also have Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speakers, which also kick ass

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May 14, 2020

Sounds solid. How have you programmed your mouse?

Totally unrelated, is your house an investment and you're living in it as a requirement for an FHA loan or something? Planning on buying more properties? Thinking of doing something along those lines, haven't learned the specifics yet.

May 14, 2020

I haven't really programmed the mouse, will look into that. I mostly like the MX Master because both scroll wheels feel really good to use and it fits my hand super well.

Buying the house was mostly a play to reduce my cash outflows. I live with three friends and we lived here two years before I bought it (landlord offhand mentioned thinking about selling and I thought it made a lot of sense).

Currently my roommates pay ~90% of the mortgage in rent. That will change a bit as I'm in the middle of a refi from 30 year down to 17 to save 1.5% interest. But still my living costs are basically nonexistent.

I don't know if I want more properties. Will think about that when I have more cash on hand. Being a landlord for a property I'm not living in also seems like a huge pain in the ass.

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  • Intern in IB-M&A
May 14, 2020

Those speakers look anal beads though. I guess you might get a truly orgasmic experience listening to music.

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May 15, 2020

... I don't think you've ever seen anal beads

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May 14, 2020

6x 24 inch monitors on a 3x2 stand in boxers and tshirt all day long...some days just my shower towel

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  • Associate 2 in PE - LBOs
May 14, 2020
  1. MF associate
  2. Full WFH (expected to go back to office this year but not sure when)
  3. Living in my studio in manhattan, not cramped as it's a larger oversized spot
  4. Jeans and tshirt
  5. L-shaped desk in my living room
  6. Laptop docking station with two samsung curved HD monitors (27in each)
  7. Lenovo x1 carbon
  8. Fastest option available from Fios
  9. Just laptop cam
  10. Logitech wireless keyboard / mouse which were provided by the office
  11. None unfortunately
  12. I hate WFH because of the lack of separation between work and personal life. My group has had completely ass culture since I joined but this has certainly exacerbated all my feelings of hate towards my job and seniors. I am certainly thankful for my role and know I could be in a much worse position, so I won't sit here and complain but yeah this sucks a lot.
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May 14, 2020

Do you find curved monitors helpful? I just can't imagine a big difference unless it's 32" plus

  • Associate 2 in PE - LBOs
May 14, 2020

No not at all

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  • CEO in Other
May 15, 2020
  1. Daily dress
May 15, 2020

Role: Strategy Associate

WFH Status: Full WFH, have been told we'll return in June (mid-tier city), but I don't believe it

Living Situation: Studio apartment in downtown area of the city I'm in

Daily Dress: I'm always in pants and then 50 /50 between t-shirt and casual button down shirt (just to give some semblance of being put together, despite no video calls)

Desk Location: In my studio, up against a wall near my TV

Monitors: Very fortunate that my company let us bring our monitors home, so two 24 inch standard Dell monitors

Computer: Dell Latitude (standard company issue)

Internet Connection: Verizon (not Fios) with about 50mbps

Video Calling: Just camera on my laptop (only use once a week or so)

Keyboard and Mouse: Ordered a fairly standard dell keyboard and then default Targus mouse

Printer: N/A

Chair (you missed this one but super important imo): I was sitting in this god-awful folding chair from Walmart for 6 weeks and my back was not happy with me (was spending 90 - 100hrs a week in it. I spent $100 on a ridiculous chair from Office Depot and I feel much, much better.

Pros, Cons, Advice: As an above poster mentioned, WFH has really blurred the lines between work and non-work. We worked pretty hard before but definitely spending more time online now as there's not really a good reason not to be. I really enjoy wearing casual button down shirts as it helps me feel put together. I've also been eating a little less despite being 10ft from my kitchen, still not sure why that is.

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May 15, 2020

We worked pretty hard before but definitely spending more time online now as there's not really a good reason not to be.

this mentality is so fucking toxic

the reason not to be online all the time is sanity

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May 15, 2020

Role: VP in ER

WFH status: indefinite

Living situation: Live with two roommates in NYC (both back home though, so been flying solo for 2 months)

Daily dress: whatever I want (typically a t-shirt and athletic shorts)

Desk location and configuration: unfortunately its on my dining room table (have yet to dish out on a desk)

Monitor configuration: 1 x 32" 1440p 144hz monitor which I find to be massive. I'll probably invest in a second screen if I get word that WFH will last for another 2+ months.

Computer (laptop, desktop, model, specs): Desktop - built my own from scratch. Basic specs include Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, RX5700 XT GPU, 2 x 8 GB 3200 RAM, 1 TB NVME SSD. This thing is a beast (overkill for work but crushes games/entertainment) and building it saved me ~$500.

Internet connection: Fios gigabit

Video calling setup and accessories: built-in on personal macbook pro

Keyboard and mouse models: Coolermaster Devastator 3 keyboard and Mouse (not too fussy about these, they both work fine and have sweet changeable LED colors). Very reasonably priced.

Printer situation: None

Pros, cons, and advice: Because I don't have a desk, this means I also don't have a desk chair. My dining table chair/table height ratio is f*cking up my back/shoulders. Invest in a desk/chair unlike my stupid a**. Also if you plan on WFH for a while and don't have a solid computer setup, I highly recommend building a desktop. The value and satisfaction you get is worth it.

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May 15, 2020

Nice build - what monitor do you have (IPS vs TN?)

Just bought a number of components to build my own rig as well (3700x, RTX 2070 Super, 2 x 8 GB 3600 RAM, 1 TB m.2 SSD, 2 TB HDD) - can't wait to build it / crush some warzone and BF.

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May 15, 2020

Thanks. Actually a VA panel w/ Freesync, the contrast is unreal and I felt it was a good medium between IPS/TN. I have yet to notice any downside.

That is also a solid rig, I was heavily on the fence between the 5700 XT and the 2070 Super, but the price difference swayed me to the 5700 XT. My build has run like butter ever since I built it about 6 months ago and I've loved every minute of it.

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May 15, 2020

Role: Dir in finance / corp dev for tech company

WFH status: TBD, likely mid-June or later

Living situation: suburbs w/ in-laws (downtown apt was cramped)

Daily dress: shorts and sweat shirt usually

Desk location and configuration: side office, table / desk

Monitor configuration and models: using laptop screen and bought 32" vizio tv

Computer (laptop, desktop, model, specs): lenovo thinkpad

Internet connection: not sure, but it's not the best / not the worst

Video calling setup and accessories: laptop camera

Keyboard and mouse models: logitech MK540

Printer situation: n/a

Pros, cons, and advice: get a good chair and that'll make life so much better. was using a kitchen table chair and it was so damn uncomfortable

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May 15, 2020

100% on the kitchen chair comment. You never really appreciate a nice desk chair until you spend several days or weeks in a sh*tty dining chair.

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Ind
May 15, 2020
  1. Incoming IB analyst
  2. don't work, yet (hopefully)
  3. Living at home in Midwest before moving to nyc
  4. shorts and t-shirt or poli
  5. in my room, ikea standing desk (electric)
  6. 1 dell 27 inch monitor (1080p) and laptop screen adjusted up to be on the same level as my Monitor
  7. 2017 MacBook Pro (bootcamped to windows). 16 gb ram, i7 9th gen
  8. not sure what company tbh by 300mb
  9. haven't done one yet
  10. mechanical keyboard and a cheap wireless mouse off amazon. (we don't use mouses in my house)
  11. random hp printer
  12. need a second monitor and a thinkpad. probably will get one next week
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  • Intern in IB-M&A
May 16, 2020

Guess bootcamp doesn't work so well considering you're getting a ThinkPad?

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Ind
May 16, 2020

The screen doesn't convert but it works well, better than I thought. Problem is my Mac is 258 gb so after using the Mac side for a few years I only have 50 GB for the windows side.

May 16, 2020
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May 20, 2020