Where will I learn more? Single PM or larger firm?

I started my career at a small quant firm, and have spent a couple years in a PE-ish role. I'm looking to move to a public market buy-side role. 5 - 10 years down the road I'd love to start my own shop, or at the very least be running my own book somewhere.

I just started actively recruiting and am talking to a couple smaller managers, as well as a couple larger name shops.

By single PM shops, I generally mean places I'd be the first analyst, all with good performance, all assets in the 200 - 500 range, and PMs with really impressive backgrounds.

By larger shops I generally mean operationally large -- think Elliott, Baupost, DK etc.

Curious which of these y'all would go to, while not worrying about comp at all. I'm more focused on ability to grow, amount I'll learn, and tracking the 5 year goal of running my own book. My basic thoughts are that single managers are riskier-- both in that they could fail, and if their process sucks I'll learn the wrong things, but generally I'll wear more hats and be a more integrated part of the investment process. Larger shops have more pedigree which could help, more PMs to learn from, but generally I'll be more of a commodity. 

Basically, which of these two would I learn more from?

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