Will RE firms cover or help to subsidize your travel expense for interviews?

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What's your experience interviewing with firms out of town? I found a role through a recruitment agency but its not in my area. I'd need to move several hours away to be at this job. So far the recruiter has pushed my resume/info to the firm and they've shown interest in me and want me to fly out on short notice. I can fly and come back in the same day, but I'm sort of put off by them because they want me to come on-site, skip a phone interview, and basically foot the cost of the travel on my own. To be clear, I have only had two conversations; both with the recruiter, not with anyone at the actual firm.

It's a developer with having developed nearly $3 billion worth of properties. It's an analyst level role, but they're looking for some experience with the candidates they are interested in.

My gut tells me this isn't a good sign because they want to rush the process but won't actually offer to cover any part of it. I have about 3 years of working experience in the industry and was expecting a little more flexibility in terms of time because I could easily fly out there, waste money and time to not get an offer because they don't like me or something that could have been brought up in a phone/video interview.