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Hello All,

As a quick background, I am 5 years out of school currently working in PE in Asia. Below are my details, and was hoping to get some advice from those who have gone for an MBA 1. If I would have a good chance at landing at a top 3 school and 2. If it would make sense to go at this point in my career

**School: Dartmouth
**GPA: **3.6 / 4.0
**Working Experience: ** Began with a top 3 BB (GS/MS/JPM) in NYC on the M&A side and have been since in Asia (non China) for 3.5 years working on the buy-side (mix of buyout, growth equity and earlier stage investments) across SE Asia and India. As it might be relevant, should mention that I am not from the region (not of Asian/Indian decent).
**GMAT: **As per practice exams should be around 730.

Am having trouble moving to the next level at in this part of the world without an MBA, particularly with my undergrad as an unknown (outside of East Coast US), but would like to return here after graduating. Given the importance of brand name / pedigree in Asia, a H/S/W would be much more helpful as compared to others in the M7 (exception perhaps being Columbia).

Please do share any thoughts or advice.

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