Webinar: Hedge Fund Case: Nintendo -- 9pm EST, 6/10/19

On Monday June 10th at 9:00 pm EDT Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "Hedge Fund Case: Nintendo".



More info from the presenter:
Nintendo - it's in Japan, it's hot. We have been long for awhile so I thought it would be a good company to review so people can understand how to analyze the asymmetry and optionality in a company and how to value a IP portfolio

His bio: I started on Wall Street in 1999 at a bulge bracket Investment. I ended my career as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, managing a team of people, running one of their institutional businesses. Since 2014 I have been managing money for a billionaire across bonds and equities.


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Below is a list of some of the webinars we currently have in the WSO Video Library...this is in addition to actual mock interviews and Q&As videos from some of our top mentors... with more on the way every week!

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  • McKinsey Round 1 Consulting Case - Meat Processing
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