Accept Asset Management offer or hope for a Consulting offer?

Hi Monkeys,

I currently have an offer for an institutional client-facing role at a TOP asset manager in Europe (Germany/France/Switzerland), where I was a summer analyst this year. In the beginning of 2024, I will do an MBB internship and I prefer to do MBB full time. Pay will be better at the AM shop by 20%.

In the future, I want to do an MBA in the US and MBB would pay for that. Additionally, I believe I will find consulting more interesting but I can't be sure as I have not done it before and I also liked AM. Is it dumb to turn down the AM offer, even though I do not have any other full time position secured.

If I would accept the AM offer, I would start working straight out of undergrad (unusual in Europe), if I would want to do MBB, I would do a one-year Master's in advance starting next summer.

Thanks for your opinions.


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