Aviation Financing/Leasing

Hello all,

I'm currently a Credit Underwriting Associate at a financial institution, primarily focused on provided Asset Based Loan (ABL) for the Healthcare industry, I also have experience in ABL for the general industries, i'm only 5 years into my career after a finance degree, my ultimate goal is to get into a firm that provides Aviation financing/leasing and looking for some guidance on skill sets required as typically aviation financing/leasing teams are very small and my experience with one firm has been that people tend to stay in their roles for a long -time (until they retire). My questions are:

1) What skills are required in Aviation financing/leasing, I have a general sense as to what they are looking for and my background in U/W has some overlap, but want to know if I am missing something specific? I have experience in debt documents, but clueless on lease structures.

2) I am sitting on an offer from a REIT for a portfolio management role in managing their Healthcare Assets. The REIT basically purchases the assets and leases them to experience operators. The offer is the same as what I currently make, so that's not an incentive for me to move, but i'm trying to figure out if I will acquire any new skill sets that will help me better prepare for a career in aviation financing/leasing? I will be exposed to structuring leases for the operators - not sure if that will help in aviation or if aviation leasing is similar in any way?

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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