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Hi, I accepted an offer for a summer analyst program from BlackRock a few months ago and was super ecstatic. While I was able to get the role I wanted, I am placed in the Atlanta office. I didn't want to ask any of my own BlackRock network out of fear it might affect my return offer, but having qualms about Atlanta, is there any chance I can get a return offer in NYC? Is that something that's common after working an internship or will I have to reapply/stick it out in Atlanta until further notice? I understand it may be based on need or space, or NYC is not even open for me. Thanks in advance.

Depending on your group and business needs. I interned with the NY office, got a return offer for the SF office, and I called HR to let them know that I’m only taking an NY offer. They initially said that they don’t have any headcount in NY but the next day they called me back to let me know that they could place me in NY. Take that as you will.

Thanks for the reply. That does help a lot knowing it is possible. Weird they tried to place you in SF unless you were from there or something. If you know by chance, do you think networking with the office of my intended choice within the same group would help? Thanks in advance.

My best advice is that you should try to network with the specific TEAM that you want to join and make sure they’re primarily based in NY. At the end of the summer internship they’ll ask you for your team and office preference. If you can make a strong case for joining a specific team and the people on the team (especially the intern manager) can vouch for you, then chances are you’ll be able to get a NY return offer.

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