PIMCO Rule Automation or Blockrock Global Investment Operations

Hi forks, I don't have any one to discuss about it so I hope I could gather some thoughts for these two positions. (Post on Job Search Advice Forum as well)

PIMCO: does any one know what day-to-day looks like working in a compliance team? The job description said it needs someone with strong SQL skills. I read posts that saying compliance is a fairly stable position but no fulfillment? what's the career progression for this path? what's the working culture looks like in TX and CA? I researched about what people do in compliance, and they seem like stay at their position for a very long time starting from 3 years up.

So I got the verbal offer for this role. it's in Newport Beach, CA. However the cost of living is so high and I made a stupid mistake for my total compensation so I believe I got low ball...and thus I was thinking if I could transition to Austin, TX for portfolio compliance analyst role with the recruiter(this is the original role I applied but after she heard about my skills and background so pass down my resume to rule automation team) and with new total compensation I expected, which I need to go through the whole interview again and with less total compensation. It end up one of the interviewers wants to chat about it and see if there is any alternative for the next steps which is next week. Really want to move in Austin since it's more affordable for buying a house. That's is one of my wish-list.

Blackrock: this interview hasn't started until next week since I just got the recruiter's email yesterday and I don't know how I should approach to PIMCO about this. do i let them know or should I stay low? I feel this is more what I'm good at and more dynamic environment based on their job duties. and seems like a great culture compare to PIMCO

A bit of my background: CFA level 1 passed, strong at SQL, Excel VBA, Python and BI tools. have about 3 years experience.

Please let me know if I miss any factors you guys want me to lay it down. appreciated your help and I'll keep things posted.

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rickle, what's your opinion? Comment below:

The PIMCO Austin office has great culture as described by several people I know who work there (in Austin). New office (2018) which started with about 20 people and has grown to over 200. Beautiful landmark building in the center of downtown. They have several departments there but it's described to me as a big family with very reasonable hours (50 per week max). Very collegial environment. In general (and I assume this goes for all there spots), PIMCO is a top bucket, deep thinking organization who's mission is to provide the best service tot heir clients. They expect you to work hard, be smart, and get the job done. They also are team oriented. Lot of access to senior folks as they are not bloated like many firms (3000 globally).

Re cost of living in Austin, the housing market has gotten pretty ridiculous the past few yrs. It' snot SF or NYC but it's not a LCOL area any more (if you want to live close to downtown). I'm sure it's better in the burbs but then you deal with traffic. Son lives about 10 minutes from downtown. Houses there are way out of his league. Rent is getting pretty high too.

ranningday, what's your opinion? Comment below:

It sounds amazing in the Austin office. I'm just a bit concern if it's difficult to lateral to a different department that I'm interested in if I really land the offer in compliance portfolio analyst. Compare the HCOL in CA, Austin is much more affordable and relaxing in terms of traffic and people surrounded you. Feels like it's place for young professional in tech which I love as well. Appreciated your output thought!!! I'll keep you posted once I have an update.

ranningday, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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