URGENT ADVICE NEEDED - Economics graduate with 1.5 years work experience in financial services (investment consulting)

If anyone (preferably, but not limited to, someone working in Investment Consulting, Asset Management and banking) stumbles upon this post and believes they may be able to offer some assistance, I would eternally grateful.

So, a bit of background on me - I graduated with a degree in Economics around two years ago from a good Russell Group university (think Nottingham, Kings College, Birmingham etc. standard). A few months after graduating I took up a role in a mid-low tier investment consultancy firm advising pension schemes (you probably wouldn't have heard of the firm unless you're familiar with the industry). My current role is very client focussed (involves drafting investment advice and reporting on the performances of our clients' investments etc). I'm also currently a candidate in the CFA program (passed Level 1)

Now, in terms of what I need help with. I don't want to be stuck in this industry my whole career. I don't really find the work that challenging and interesting and I would love to do something a bit more technical and markets-focussed. In terms of my dream job, I would love to work in a research kind of role within asset management. In terms of asset classes, I'm most attracted to the fixed income space (both public and private debt) but I also wouldn't mind working within the equities or multi-asset asset classes. I DO NOT want to work in a sales/relationship management type of role within asset management. I know it's ambitious to make the jump for where I am to AM but I would be grateful if anyone could offer some advice in terms of whether this is likely and if so how I should go about doing so. Would this move be more likely after attaining the CFA Designation?

I'm just reaching out here to see if anyone has made a similar move? Is there anyone here who works in Investment Consulting or Asset Management in London who may be able to offer some advice?

In terms of my options I've considered the following:
1. Finishing of the CFA exams at my current company and then trying to make the move directly into AM (although by the time I finish my exams I would've been working in the industry for about c.3 years - would it be too late to make the move after this point?)
2. Trying to make the move ASAP rather than waiting to finish of the CFA program (I would look to finish off my exams at my next company) - My thoughts on this move is that it would shorten the amount of time I spend in investment consulting and give the appearance to a prospective employer than I'm serious about wanting to work in AM.
3. Moving into one of the bigger investment consultancies (i.e, AON, Mercer, WTW) perhaps in one of their fiduciary arms and then trying to make the transition into AM a bit later on in my career - (my thoughts behind this option is that fiduciary management is a step in the direction of asset management - I imagine this would be the easiest and most logical route)

What to you think of these considerations?

Many thanks in advance and enjoy the weekend!


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