Working at a pension fund

I've got a final round interview at a major UK pension fund in the external investment management department. It's hard to find resources about pension funds cos a lot of search engine results are about people improving their own pensions. So I was wondering if anyone knew:
What is the hierarchy/progression in a pension fund?
What is the culture like?
What are the exit opps like?
Is there any key technical stuff I should know (other than news etc)?

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  • Research Analyst in AM - FI

Not UK based but familiar with pensions:

1.) generally something like CIO -> sector heads (head of PE, head of hf, head of direct equities, head of FI- different break ups at different places) -> senior analyst -> jr analyst (some variations and more layers at other places but i think that covers it it from broad strokes)

2.) generally pretty chill and often times not the most sophisticated (Ontario would be the exception would contrast it vs. sovereign wealth funds for example in the allocator space but others can speak better)

3.) if it is for an external manager seat then similar role but would likely get paid more at and asset manager, bank, and maybe even at endowments/foundations

4.) would think for entry level about interest, excel + related skills, and general market thoughts 

jackwestjr, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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