MBB for Pure Play Renewable Energy "Strategy" / C Suite Path?

Do pure play renewable energy companies (listed developers, etc) tend to have strategy functions? Is the MBB route critical to getting on a C suite path within renewables, or is it more likely to open doors inside large-cap energy, mining, and utility companies that are reluctantly transitioning and (personally speaking) not as exciting?

For context, I have 5 years of progressively responsible M&A experience at a European bulge bracket bank. Managed to start in US M&A, pivoted to Power & Renewable Energy for a year before returning to M&A, and was later sponsored to support the build-out of an EMEA M&A team in London. Realized I was on a path to nowhere 9 months before VP and decided to pursue a flashy grad school. Brexit was hitting and everyone's morale was in the tank after an already difficult first 5 years filled with job insecurity from day one. 

Never saw the renewables boom coming and never thought that consulting would open a fulfilling path. I'm now at a no-name construction / EPC firm that hired me to get their solar developments off the ground. I know tax equity modeling well and credible infra players are consistently very impressed by our pitch. Think we will get a term sheet soon.

I've only recently realized that a CEO type role is what I aspire to longer term. First time I'm feeling passionate about a sector that is experiencing explosive growth and helping solve a global issue that resonates.

A "VP equivalent" at an MBB is willing to recommend me for an experienced hire interview on the basis of my track record in renewables. I'm wondering whether MBB facilitates my goals at this stage. In my assessment:

Pros: Banking generally pigeonholes you unless you combine it with something else; MBB is generally a better route to C suite. I'm in my young 30s and have the energy to do it.

Cons: No point in doing MBB if it only opens up strategy roles within energy players that have been dragging their feet on climate change for years. I've had substantially above average client contact since I was a first year analyst (product of a severe restructuring) and don't need MBB for additional "polish." Listed renewables players generally max out around low billions market cap and perhaps don't have a plethora of post MBB roles that are a prerequisite to run something?

Naturally, I don't want to be shortsighted about this. Appreciate any thoughts.

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Feb 2, 2021 - 10:37pm
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