McK offer from Ist / moving to another location

Hi Monkeys,

Hope you are all doing fine.

I am currently in my final year of master's program Management and Technology at Technical University Munich. Previously, I graduated from the #1 uni of Turkey with an Economics degree. Between undergrad and masters I worked <2 years in consumer goods.

Planning on my post-graduation world, I applied & received a Business Analyst offer from McK Istanbul office in late 2023 (they didn't offer Junior Assoc in that office). Although, I quite quite liked the interview process and what these folks do on regular basis, the package was absolutely BS - to give you perspective, let's say <40k$ annually. Istanbul is the most expensive city in the country with a stark CoL crisis.

They were simply using MBA tuition aid as a carrot. It was mentioned multiple times as an incentive and packaged as the value of the offer. Since I will already have a master's, I mentioned that I wouldn't be interested in an MBA. However, it was more of like a take it or leave it. I turned it down.

Since my German is not sufficient enough (B2), I ruled out DACH offices. 

Two questions, if I may:
1) Would you suggest applying other offices? If yes what would be your advice? Or do you think the chances are gone at the beginning level? I am only pursuing great pay and I don't mind geography and no WLB for 3-4 years. Also, I applied to one of the Middle East offices as Junior Assoc & got a very fast rejection.

2) TUM is a great brand in the world (in the first 50) but its business masters aren't on par with the likes of LSE and HEC. Do you think if I would have any chances in English speaking offices like London, Amsterdam (Dutch may be required) or Nordics? Knowing if I would be ruled out by an algorithm upfront would really help me.

Thank you!


London offices care about your undergrad, not masters (and TUM isn't a target either). Have you considered starting in Istanbul and then possibly moving to Europe as an associate? This way you could move to DACH without speaking German (esp. given you degree there) or to other places. Plenty of ex-Turkey office people in my London office but all of them started home (or studied at targets for the ones who started in London/NYC)


Take the offer!

Without relevant local experience and local language, you almost stand 0 chance in any IB/PE/Consulting/ and even Corp Bank in Western Europe

While working in McK Turkey... at least you have McK on your resume, and they have a lot of cross-border projects + good internal mobility

Furthermore, should their MBA aid include LSE/ US top MBA?

The ideal path will be McK Turkey -> UK/US MBA -> UK/US McK

Otherwise, you will only be able to get a normal corporate job at best


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