Where did u hear this? Hoping you're correct

Heard it from a recruiter but still feels too good to be true! Fingers crossed


asked campus recruiter - "notified by the week of the 24th". so does that mean EOW?


If we didn't get an invite to the Imbellus game by now, should we assume that we were rejected or does the invite come out on a rolling basis? For context, I did the game last year when I applied to the internship if that matters. I applied to the NY office


also haven't gotten a game invite yet, not sure what to make of that as I thought everyone did it no matter what. applied very close to deadline though, and know others in same situation


I had a coffee chat last week and was told that the game is not auto-invitation for all. You get an invite or get cut after the initial resume screen. I also applied the day it was due and got an invite but I'm not sure how their overall timeline works.


Creating a sub thread for Mck Philadelphia. Anyone heard anything yet? I heard they are turning fast this year for FT BA. 


last week they havent reviewed since they were waiting for people to play the game (for those that havent played it yet).

this week they are reviewing and decisions will most likely be out either this or next week

FT south offices not released yet

hoping McKinsey isnt as bad as BCG this year in terms of hiring


I aspire to have your optimism. I can count on one hand how many R1s people from my T20 have to Bain, BCG, and Oliver Wyman combined. I also focused all my networking energy into BB and not M, so I've already chalked it up to a loss. 

Godspeed to all of us who are gonna start duking it out in the T2s. May the odds ever be in your favor, because it's the fucking Hunger Games out there. 


yeah it really sucks that our application cycle happens to coincide in an economic downturn. they are turning down applicants who are otherwise qualified had this been another cycle 


Anyone have info on when invites r supposed to get released now?


Business Analyst


July 14th, 2023

**invitations to interview to be sent in early to mid-August**

(this was in an email sent to us yesterday)


Our school recruiter sent it out yesterday bc they were sending bumps about aug 30th + sept 29 deadlines for SBA + SSBA and that just happened to be wrapped in there, they're based in a large NE office


So we can assume that there won't be exceptions to this rule? Only asking because somebody told me their recruiter told them it should be by the end of this week


For FT, hHeard 1-2 weeks from the beginning of this week (putting us at first or second week of Aug). Source: recruiting BA lead, Southeast office


Has anyone heard anything for full time? Is it today or should we just expect it in 1-2 weeks?! 



according to fishbowl, we ideally hear back by the end of this week with the earliest first rounds beginning on august 7th.

Thanks for the info!! which bowl is it? McKinsey?