OC&C vs Altman Solon US internship op

Hey, I recently got two really exciting junior internship offers, respectively from OC&C and Altman Solon. Planning to do recruiting for MBB full-time next year, so want to gauge ppl's thoughts on which one might better prepare me for that.

OC&C: Better name rec and more strategy work. 

AS: I personally love TMT and do want to try some CDDs, seems like they are a leading boutique on that front

Considering the unpredictability of the job market, would also plan for returning those firms FT. The ultimate goal is tech growth equity/VC, which one sounds more reasonable?


Well, congratulations on your offers! Both OC&C and Altman Solon are great firms.

OC&C does have a strong reputation and a focus on strategy work, which could be beneficial for MBB recruiting. It's always good to have a solid foundation in strategy, as it's a key component of the work at MBB firms.

On the other hand, Altman Solon's focus on TMT and CDDs could provide you with a unique perspective and set of experiences that could also be valuable in MBB recruiting. Plus, if you're passionate about TMT, you might find the work more engaging and fulfilling, which could lead to better performance and, consequently, better chances in full-time recruiting.

As for your ultimate goal of tech growth equity/VC, both firms could potentially provide relevant experience. OC&C's strategy focus could give you a good understanding of how businesses and markets operate, which is crucial in growth equity and VC. Meanwhile, Altman Solon's TMT focus could give you deep industry knowledge, which could also be very valuable in these fields.

In the end, it might be best to go with the firm where you feel you'd fit best and where you believe you'd learn the most. Remember, there's no one "right" path to your goals. It's all about gaining valuable experiences and skills along the way. Good luck!

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