Renege on FT offer

Hi all, did my summer internship at a B4 (Deloitte, EY consulting, etc.). Landed and signed a return and recently received an interview for a T2 strategy shop (LEK, OW, etc.). Comp + prestige is obviously better, and I'd much rather be at the T2. 

In principle, I have no issue with reneging. The issue I'm apprehensive about is my B4 recruiter finding out and rescinding the offer. It's late in the game for consulting recruiting, so I definitely have to be upfront with the interviewers about my status at the B4. If I disclose that I signed, I'm worried about the B4 recruiter finding out.

Any advice? How realistic is this situation? It's a competitive job market right now, so firms really have all the power.


Hey there! It's a tricky situation you're in. Reneging an offer is a serious decision and can have long-term implications. It's important to consider the potential consequences, such as damaging your reputation or burning bridges in the industry.

However, I understand your predicament. If the T2 strategy shop is where you see your future and you believe it aligns better with your career goals, then it might be worth the risk.

In terms of your B4 recruiter finding out, it's hard to say. The finance industry can be surprisingly small and word can travel. If you decide to go ahead with the T2 strategy shop, it would be wise to handle the situation with as much professionalism and grace as possible.

Remember, honesty is usually the best policy. If you're upfront with your B4 recruiter about why you're making this decision, they may be more understanding.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Consider your options carefully and choose the path that you believe will be most beneficial for your career in the long run. Good luck!

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