Mar 02, 2024

Deciding Between Two Credit Opportunities

Currently a 1st year risk analyst at a BB. Have the opportunity to move into a new rotation (credit risk) within their special assets group doing loan workouts for middle market clients and reviewing distressed commercial assets. It's the only client-facing part of the risk program and the more popular team for analysts to join. Some have exited to the commercial banking side and lev fin as well. This is the regional headquarters for the bank.

Additionally, have a opening for a 2/3 year rotation program at another BB in the same city, but this would be more general as a middle market banking development program across banking, credit, & treasury. This one has a very solid credit training program too. Their office is much smaller in this city but growing fast.

Comp is slightly more for option 2 but not by much. In terms of career growth and exit ops, would it be better to continue building my career where I am and be a bit more niche or go into a new program? Thanks for any advice!


Based on the most helpful WSO content and insights from previous WSO threads, making a decision between two credit opportunities, especially early in your career, can significantly impact your future career trajectory. Here's a breakdown of considerations for each option:

Option 1: Special Assets Group (SAG) Rotation within Current BB

  • Client-Facing Experience: Being the only client-facing part of the risk program, this rotation offers valuable exposure to clients, which is beneficial for building relationships and understanding client needs firsthand.
  • Focus on Distressed Assets: Working with distressed commercial assets and loan workouts can provide you with a niche skill set that is highly valuable, especially in volatile or downturn markets.
  • Exit Opportunities: Previous analysts have successfully transitioned to commercial banking and leveraged finance roles, indicating a solid track for career progression within the industry.
  • Familiarity and Network: Staying within your current organization allows you to leverage existing relationships and the reputation you've built, potentially accelerating your career growth.

Option 2: Middle Market Banking Development Program at Another BB

  • Broad Exposure: This program offers a more generalist experience across banking, credit, and treasury, which can provide a well-rounded understanding of middle market banking operations.
  • Credit Training Program: A solid credit training program is crucial for foundational knowledge and skills in finance, which can be a significant advantage in your career development.
  • Growth and Expansion: Joining a smaller but fast-growing office could present unique opportunities for leadership and a more significant impact within the organization.
  • Compensation: While slightly higher, the compensation difference is not substantial but could be a factor to consider based on personal financial goals.

Decision Factors:

  • Career Goals: Reflect on whether you prefer to specialize early in a niche area with high demand (distressed assets) or develop a broader skill set in middle market banking.
  • Long-Term Vision: Consider where you see yourself in the long term and which option aligns more closely with that vision. For instance, if you aim to transition into commercial banking or leveraged finance, staying in your current role might offer a clearer path.
  • Cultural and Growth Considerations: Evaluate the culture of both organizations and the potential for personal and professional growth. Being part of a smaller, fast-growing office could offer more visibility and faster career progression.

Ultimately, both options have their merits, and your decision should align with your career aspirations, preferred working style, and long-term goals. It might also be beneficial to network with professionals who have taken similar paths or are currently in roles you aspire to, to gain further insights into your decision.

Sources: Career Paths/Exit Opportunities, Why the focus on exit opps?, Life Insurance Underwriting - Exit Opportunities?., Sales and trading exit opportunities/pay/etc. (please help!), Credit Analyst Exit Opps?

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