May 19, 2024

Where do you find private credit roles?

Currently a credit analyst for a JPM/BOFA/Wells size bank. Wanting to move into private credit, but I never can find opportunities. Im mainly looking in Chicago, and usually the only opportunities I find are from the Golub and Antares sized firms where I am throwing my application into the bottomless void of 6,000 applicants. I am definitely interested in working for a smaller firm, but can never seem to find opportunities for them. 

Besides LinkedIn, what are some ways I can find opportunities within PC? Also, is transferring from credit within a large commercial/corporate bank still a viable path to PC?


Your best bet will be HH. Most PE shops with PC arms will likely use the same HH for their on / off-cycle processes. Echoing the post above, find the “credit HH” forum and reach out. If no roles atm then ask to be on said HH’s distro list.

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Cold emailing is highly underrated. Get a large list of the shops you want to work at and cold email them. Works better for boutiques and smaller funds of course.

The last 2 PC jobs that I got were from cold emailing.


Yes I’m in commercial banking for a BB. Would a move to PC be a complete longshot? We’ve had analysts leave to local PC firms but I’m not sure how anecdotal they are. 


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