[Europe/UK] Binance/Coinbase internship -> IB?

Interested in seeing people's thoughts.

Sadly I haven't secured anything so far this year in London but managed to get an offer from a Crypto exchange to be an intern until mid 2023. It's their FP&A/Special Projects team so it's all about forecasting and looking into new areas/investments.

2 things:

1) If I have previous IB and PE internships (both boutique firms - not EBs or BBs), is this a bad move?

I am a non-target so I have had trouble getting interviews this cycle (just 1 M&A boutique where I was choice #2, no BB or EB interviews - I passed their tests). I can't afford to have no job lined up as I graduate in 2023. This extra money from the internship helps me if I do MSc Finance from Bocconi or HEC Paris next year.

2) Will HR (and IBD teams who screen CVs) at BBs and EBs, blacklist me if they see I worked in the Crypto space given the FTX shitshow?

I know people in finance hate crypto, which is fine with me because it's not my passion but I don't want to be seen as some crypto nerd. The only bank I think who might like this experience is FT Partners or some FinTech boutique but even then they probably won't care.

Any advice? Confused about what to do here especially with the recession.

If I turn this down, I don't know if I can get any IB or PE offers in the coming months. People have said I should not rush into roles. I don't want to send a signal that I am on the FP&A/CorpDev route, this is just to earn money and maybe get something unique on my CV. Is this a bad move/logic?


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