Thoughts on the big crypto players? Wintermute, Genesis, GSR, etc.

Has anyone transitioned from a trading role in S&T/Prop to the crypto-native market-making firms such as the ones listed? These are pretty established players but it feels like the Wild West when it comes to looking for smaller firms like MGNR, Dexterity Capital, etc. 

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Napolii, what's your opinion? Comment below:

It's really hard to get any information on these things since the industry is so new, strongly doubt you'll find it here. LinkedIn Premium and some sleuthing is likely your best shot.

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That's pretty much what I did to learn more about GSR. Definitely very insightful and gives more insight as to who the top players are. Had no idea Galaxy isn't really in the same league as Wintermute GSR Jump for DeFi or Genesis for CeFi. Sounds like Wintermute/Jump > GSR/Genesis but these are the top 4 and if you like OTC then GSR/Genesis is better than the other 2

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GSR's online assessment for their graduate program was very difficult. Wintermute's Quantitative OA wasn't too bad but their coding section requires some heavy coding experience in Python. Genesis I didn't have technical interviews really too much since they don't have a graduate program, just an internship to convert to FT

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Did you pass the GSR assessment? / Do you know what the pass mark is?

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I am a trader at one of the firms you listed. It's a fun job, rarely a dull day in the market and good people. Good wfh flexibility too and better than street comp. 

Key is to become a degen crypto trader in your PA while working for a tradfi market maker. Trade on chain, defi shitcoins, yield farm, use many layer ones, flip NFTs, etc. Get on twitter and in discords. That's really the only way to gain a natural sense of how this market trades, which is what can make you attractive for this type of role when combined with professional market making experience at a traditional broker dealer. You can't really fake real crypto knowledge without being a market participant, it'd be trivially easy to expose.

Once you're there, keep an eye out for open roles and be proactive reaching out to people on twitter, telegram, and maybe LinkedIn when something comes up. Recruiters won't help you for these companies.

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yep. working in crypto now and every single crypto interview ive had the interview has been 95% focused on strictly crypto knowledge. literally no interest in previous work experience other than a general overview. but very specific niche crypto questions that you would only really know if you live/breath it

Napolii, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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