When interviewing for ER roles in Europe, do I have to prepare pitches on EU stocks?

Hi! I'm in a unique, not-great position; after a master's at a non-target, I managed to get an equity research job at a very small hedge fund (<$10m AUM) based in the US. I work for that fund remotely from Europe and I want to move into a larger organization soon, preferably on the sell-side (my knowledge base is not as good as it should be and I'm continually learning, so buy-side recruiting is out of the question). I've been working for that fund for a year and a half and I have only ever analyzed US listed equities. Once I start applying for ER jobs in Europe - London to be precise - I wonder if I should start doing research on European equities or if it's justifiable to only have done research on US listed equities.


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is it normal for funds in europe/uk to focus on US-listed equities over euro-listed equities?

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In order to prepare for a European ER team's interview process, where do you think I should start to get my data? With US equities, it's as simple as typing sec.gov/edgar, but I have yet to find a tool that is just as powerful for EU companies.

nutmegger189, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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