If cost is the only thing preventing you from getting allen edmonds, either go to shoebank.com and shop factory seconds (new shoes with small small cosmetic issues) or get a pair on ebay that’s in good condition

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There's a bunch of place nowadays - Meermin and Beckett Simonon are both two I've ordered from. I found Meermin to be very uncomfortable - ended up returning them - ran a bit narrow and didn't really fit my foot, felt like it was for a higher arch than mine. Quality and look was great, just didn't fit right for me. 

Beckett I've ordered a few from - maybe 5 or 6 pairs over the last few years. There's a longer lead time, but they do sales pretty often and you can get two for like $330 or so - and a 4 pack of matching belts, color wise, for $150 or so. Since I'm big into simplicity nowadays - that's the easy button, order the belts + shoes and in a few months you are ready to go. Quality has been good, fit good as well. 


Nice, been looking at Beckett for awhile now. Was wondering if you tried on a pair before ordering? and where?


There's definitely been QC issues since 2020, think I've had to exchange half my recent orders. Imo, current leather soles are slightly lower quality than the ones on my 10+ year-old shoes, but the rubber (dainite) soles are unchanged. 


If you want less expensive shoes I strongly recommend Meermin. If you want to go higher end I recommend Carmina. Carmina is a very old, well-established, family company. Meermin is basically part of the Carmina family wanting to get as close to the Carmina quality at 1/2-1/3 the price and they do a very respectable job at this. I would argue that, as a whole, Meermin’s quality exceeds Allen Edmonds.

If you are looking for even higher end shoes I’d look at Gaziano & Girling. Their RTW / MTM shoes are very good and are pretty reasonably priced for what you are getting. Or if you can afford their bespoke shoes, and have the time to go that route, that is an excellent choice as well


+1 for both G&G and Carmina. I would get sized/buy in person at the Carmina NYC store if you can. Customer service for online orders is kind of iffy (can be very slow to reply).

G&G is my favorite shoe at any price point (they are not cheap). Imo they have some of the best looking RTW lasts (TG73, DG70). The MTO service is exhaustive (~80 models can be put on 6 lasts, material upcharges are reasonable, etc.). For example... Gable, Highland, and ST James II models are fun oxfords to play around with. They also occasionally do monthly promos where the MTO fee is waived. 


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