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Anyone taking fin and having a good/ bad experience? Have long hair and this job is really accelerating whatever males pattern baldness I have coming. Don't want to lose the rest

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yasuo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

am in university and noticed i was balding and started finasteride, minoxadil and a dermaroller - it has been fantastic and i have not responded negatively to the finasteride at all other then a small decrease in libido and the minoxidil has improved my hair a lot - your results may vary/a lot of people get a substantial side effect profile - also note that if a lot of your loss is sudden/as a result of stress then it w/n work, would encourage you to research and be sure your case is a result of DHT before taking it

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Do you take the topical solution containing both finasteride and minoxidil, or do you take finasteride pills separately? I have been using the topical solution, but not sure which is better, although I'll assume topical solution has fewer side effects

yasuo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

finasteride oral and minoxidil topical - talk to your doctor about what to do

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Do you have long hair?

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College student here. Dad side has good hair genes-grandpa in his 70s still having full hair- but I noticed I was losing hair in the back of my scalp(not receding hairline), and had bad side parting. guess it was from the stress during ib recruiting last spring, and too much early gym that resulted no sleep. It was till the point the slick-back cannot cover the gap in the back. I was iffy about using fin bc of the side effects. But I tried Rogaine, took vitamin pills everyday, cut my hair more often, and most importantly have at least 7 hours of sleep everyday. Hair all grew back within 2 months. I still use Rogaine occasionally, just to retain it I guess. Hope it helps.

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BigKahunaBanker🏄🍹🍔, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Speak to your dermatologist/endocrinologist, it really depends on your individual hormonal set-up

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Sequoia, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Couple options here:

- Finasteride, but TOPICAL. I don't want to take the pill form because of its effects on libido for a small % of people. The topical one has comparable efficacy (or maybe a tad under depending on what source you believe) but without risk of side effects 

- Minoxadil. I don't use this one because it's a pain to apply something to your head 2x a day (fin morning, min at night) but am considering it 

- PRP injections. After a 4 series treatment (ranging from 2-3k) you only need a maintenance treatment every 6 months (1-1.5k steady state run rate). I'm going to do my 4th treatment soon

Like I said, I do 1 and 3 above. Haven't noticed any regrowth so far but I likewise have not noticed any accelerated shedding. Also you really need at LEAST 6 months, more likely a year before you really see the full results. Fin I've used for 8 months now and like I said, no accelerated shedding (it's not meant to regrow). PRP I'm hoping will actually do the regrowth but again this should realistically only be seen from the 10 months mark onward (I'm going into month 4 soon), but even if I keep what I have for the rest of my life I'll be a pretty happy camper. All in all fin + min after this initial expense will run me 2-3k annualized run rate of expenses -- expensive, yes. But a) I'm young now and it matters to me, someday it might now and b) I'll likely opt for a hair transplant at some point (no rush at all) which will be a one-off expense and all I might need after that is fin (which is like 600-700k annualized expenses). So overall something I'm willing to tolerate and should be much easier to do so as my income scales. Just maintain lifestyle creep, for myself as a single guy the only thing I could see myself wanting beyond my current expense run rate (food, travel, etc) is maybe moving in to a nicer place at some point. Otherwise don't need much else incrementally so additional comp upside (post inflation) should all disproportionately accrue to savings 

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How bad was your situation before you started and do you have long hair? Was looking into PRP and fin. Any reason you skipped minoxidil?

Sequoia, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Wasn't terrible. Some receding hairline but rest of my head (back / sides / top) has a lot of hair. Dr who did my PRP injections said while it was still too early (mid-20s) it was likely that I'd be a good candidate for a transplant later down the line 

Just skipping min because it's a pain to apply something in the morning and again at night. Also harder to remember at night esp if you went for a night out (vs. in the the morning it's a post-shower routine). I might still do the min in 6 months if I'm not happy w/ the results. Most important thing is to keep what I have but would be nice to have at least modest regrowth at the hairline 

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Second the topical fin.  Took oral and had a substantial decrease in energy and libido, no such side effects with topical

Ion26, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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TheBuellerBanker, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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