phuongnguyen, have you checked out these or run a search:

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+1 on Charles Tyrwhitt, particularly if you focus on their discounted items.

You should also consider T.M.Lewin, the London tailor who invented the button-up shirt in 1898. The two stores are practically next door to each other on Jermyn St. in London, and their Super Fitted cut is a great option for guys who are sick of baggy waists.

For pure price/performance, Amazon's new Buttoned Down private label uses the same extra-long-staple Supima cotton as Brooks Brothers, but a significantly better value.

Nordstrom also does a very good job with their private label Nordstrom Men's Shop line.

The main problem with Uniqlo and other brands with S/M/L sizing is you're probably going to have to compromise on either collar or sleeve length (unless you're lucky enough to be a body double for the guy they had in mind when they designed their size models.) If you're wearing suit & tie, this matters: you want the sleeve to cover your wrist bone, but not your hand, and to show ~1/2" of shirt cuff when you're wearing a jacket. (Think James Bond in Casino Royale.)…

I've had terrible experiences with Uniqlo and the sizing so I can definitely second the advice here.

I own a few pairs of the Nordstrom private label pants and they are amazing, great slim fit and they offer complimentary hemming so that you get the perfect length every time.

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I always considered TML and CT on par with each other, as they are similarly priced/do the same deals, but I bought CT shirts because after trying both brands on I decided CT fitted me better. I was very happy with the CT shirt quality, but one day I got a free short from TM Lewin, so I bought one, and I hated it. The material was just worse, and to this day ive probably only worn that shirt about 10 times.

If you mean the variety of interesting colors/patterns, I'd have to agree, and the fabric quality is very high.

If you're working with a team that's moved beyond white & blue solids, you might want to check out Amazon's Buttoned Down, which has a wide variety of colorful patterns. I'm guessing they use the same contract manufacturers ad Bonobos and Brooks Brothers.

MVMT watches. I'm bracing for the MS because I know how touchy people are about their timepieces, but they're pretty handsome and damn near bulletproof, not to mention an absolute steal in their price range.

Also, per cfitz above- never, ever sleep on Nordstrom Rack. Some of their stuff is pretty goofy, but in other cases, the buyers ordered more of some pretty quality stuff than they could realistically sell, so they push it to the Rack at ridiculous prices. I found a Versace suit there for $185, which is way closer to FV than its list price, but come on.

Aide-toi, et Dieu t'aidera.

Every merchant thinks his designs are going to fly off the shelves, but about 30% of apparel moves at a discount. The only brick & mortar segment that’s growing is “off-price” channels like Rack. The challenge is it’s luck of the draw finding your preferred color/pattern size, and stuff sells out quickly.

I would never advise anyone to buy an MVMT watch but to each their own. In that price range you are better off with a Seiko 5/Citizen or for a few more bucks a hamilton khaki or Tissot.

Cole Haan is great deal when on sale. ~$100 for classic looking well-made shoes that last 2-3 years. I am a fan of their socks too, and own their packable raincoat.

LL Bean makes quality merchandise. Their vintage shirts I have found compare to anything out there quality wise for dressy casual and outdoor clothing. Costco Kirkland brand is a great deal on dress shirts but not as fashionable looking as Brooks Brothers. You can't go wrong with a Brooks Brothers non-iron shirt.

Coach makes great briefcases. I bought a brown Hudson bag at the outlet store for $150. Treated it with silicone leather protector and is very water resistant.

  • Mizzen And main. That performance shirts thread here on this forum opened my eyes to how much more comfortable things could be. Don’t have to take care of my clothes anymore and look sharper than the uncomfortable brooks brothers drones. I’m a mega big supporter.

  • Lululemon. Again. I like to be comfortable. Metal vent tech shirts are top of line. Can find at large discount on eBay if patient. Crushes the under Armour or adidas gym shirts.

  • Allen Edmonds. Good quality shoes.

With the evolving Fashion trends, its always difficult for any brand to constantly keep up with changes. I am fashion stylist by profession and i have seen that brands who spends more money marketing generally cuts through the competition even if their quality is not that great. But I came across this one brand which makes amazing men clothing item yet its really underrated. Its Mufti clothing brand . you can check out here.

Uniqlo and Muji for casual. Wouldn't trust Uniqlo with shirts.

Suitsupply for suits with tailoring as required.

AE is great for shoes but didn't fit me well. I found Loake's 1880 line to be a better option.

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