A business causal/well put together look. Can honestly look nerdy but posh yet not too flashy. Idk if that gives u any direction but that's what I'm look for

Ministry of Suppy (casual clothing)

Eton (dress shirts) 

Rag & bone (jeans and casual clothing)

Theory (nicer casual stuff)


The above are my go to for casual/business casual. 

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I've actively been updating my wardrobe throughout my first year in NYC. I'm by no means a fashion icon, but I generally am one of the better-dressed ones out of my friends/colleagues. I have a clean/timeless style. The key is focusing on getting a fit that supports your body type, "investing" in staple pieces that won't go out of style and mixing/matching core staples in neutral colors. 80% of my wardrobe is black, navy, gray, or white. 10% is chino for pants/shorts. The other 10% is primarily light blue (spring/summer) or olive (fall/winter) as those two colors compliment my skin tone. My go-to brands by item are below.

Work Clothes

Suits: Suit Supply / IndoChino

Dress Shirts: Charles Tyrwhitt (make sure you get them on sale)

Polos: Rhone / Sunspel

Slacks: Bonobos 

Chinos: Bonobos / J Crew (if more casual attire then Lulu Commission)

Leather / Suede Dress Shoes / Loafers / Boots: Meermin, Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan, and Thursday Boot  

Overcoat: J Crew


Jeans: Levi / Banana Republic Traveler Jean

Chinos: Same as above

Chino Shorts: I could use some recommendations here

T-Shirts: J Crew / Buck Mason / Uniqlo

Henleys: J Crew 

Polos: Same as above

Shirts: Tommy Hilfiger / Bonobos

Cuban Collar / Decorative shirts: Bonobos

Shoes: Adidas / Nike / Veja / Oliver Cabell / Vans / Converse / New Balance (make sure you have a good white leather sneaker) 

Bomber: Everlane

Denim Jacket: Levi

Light Coat: J Crew

Winter Coat: Patagonia / Northface

Jewelry: David Yurman / Jaxon

Watch Seiko / Tissot for beginners or Omega / Cartier / Tudor / Longines if you want to splurge as an analyst

Big fan of Club Monaco. Faherty and Marine Layer have nice casual clothes. I get all my dress shirts from State & Liberty. They have an athletic fit, don't wrinkle, and are machine washable. I get my work pants from Bonobos, but also get away with wearing Lululemon commission and ABC pants to the office. I have a lot of Peter Millar and Holderness & Bourne Polo shirts. Rhone has nice workout clothes and other casual clothes. Mavi, Paige, AG, and Rag & Bone make nice jeans, I recommend a dark wash and light wash. All my dress socks are Ralph Lauren. I have a navy blue and grey suit both from Suit Supply. My black cap toe oxfords are from Carmina, I have brown loafers from Beckett Simonon, and suede chelsea boots from Thursday Boots. I have a ton of different white Vineyard Vines t shirts. Cuts also makes nice t shirts and I have a nice bomber jacket from Cuts. I got my overcoat from Jos. A. Bank when they were about to go out of business, so it was super on sale. I also have a Longines Hydroconquest dive watch and a Nomos Ahoi. 

I'm going to second Bonobos for pants They're good if a bit pricy.  If you are a standard size, they're also better than Indochino/Suit Supply for suits.  I went through three rounds with Indochino, and basically ended up with off the shelf measurements, and fabric that's the same quality as a $200 suit for $400. 

Thyrwhitt is good for shirts IF you buy in their 3/$100 deal.

Once you know your size, my secret is to get Amazon's house brand "Buttoned Down" for about $15.  A cheap, clean, well pressed and well fitting shirt is going to go a million miles further than the best $5000 shirt that you wear endlessly until if falls apart on you.. 

The only difference between Asset Management and Investment Research is assets. I generally see somebody I know on TV on Bloomberg/CNBC etc. once or twice a week. This sounds cool, until I remind myself that I see somebody I know on ESPN five days a week.

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