19 y/o HF analyst or NYL Securities

Been in a role as an assistant under a partner at NYL for a month now I want to go into portfolio management on a larger scale. Currently getting my licensing (series 7,63,66). I was wondering what would be the best option for me… get my licensing and become an investment advisor at NYL or possibly move in to a firm as an analyst after I get all my licenses. I realize I have time on my side for a little bit since I am 19 but as I got this job to get ahead, I want to do the same for an opportunity in the future.

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Yeah, obvious answer is HF analyst here. As you're 19, it's fine if you spend time getting licenses and working for NYL for a year or two in college but that is probably not the path you want to go down long-term. In fact, it almost certainly is not the path you want to go down long-term. And if you don't get licenses working there, don't stress about it. Nobody cares about that very much. In fact, instead of being an assistant at NYL, you're probably better off working office support for a fund or research shop in terms of valuable experience. It could seem like the same kind of job you have now, or even less important, but the difference in environment and career opportunities would be massive. Good luck chief.


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