2am rant

It's 2am and I can't sleep because I'm angry at the hand I've been dealt, and how I have played it. Investing, actually I'm tired of that word, making money has always been a passion of mine. I love the psychology that moves stocks, the Adrenalin and excitement when SVB fails, when Elon said Tesla will go private at $420 and my shorts really became short shorts, when Trump won the election and markets tanked only to close green by what felt like +5%. I miss those days. Now I'm stuck on the sell-side helping my analyst cover stocks with a market cap of under $500mn.

Said analyst of course hogs all client calls and emails, I do get the honor of emailing our models to IR, of which there aren't many to go around in the first place. I am also not able to listen in on calls but my analyst asks for my opinions on earnings day, but it doesn't matter because our rating should have changed a year ago and we now just symbolically move around our PO to evade the wrath of the research committee.

Of course I've requested coverage on a larger market cap stock and it's in the works… it has been for a year. I love macro, being a perfectionist on stocks that I care about, but my time is wasted on stocks that have not once seen a client mention (this is in fact the case for two of our names) since our initiation, and helping "senior" peers balance their assets and liabilities.

I haven't been able to invest or trade the way I want to for the better part of two years and despite the fact that I'm working in the industry, I have never been less engaged with it. Buy side recruiting is a blast. These days, I think of myself as a real womanizer since I was ghosted only about 95% of the time on tinder, compared to the 100% by the buy-side. There is nothing more rewarding than spending 60-80 hours on sell-side work M-F, then using the little free time on a buy-side project, and then be ghosted.

I hope everyone gets some enjoyment out of this rant. I apologize in advance for any sell side PTSD this might cause.

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d4c, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hey sorry to hear that man. What sectors do you cover? Are you on fintwit at all? It's a good place to build an audience and I've observed that good ideas / critical thought (coupled with a bit of shitposting) can get you a long way there. At the very least you can have a finance community to interact with and build ideas. Long-term I think it's a totally legitimate networking opportunity.

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I haven't used that site in the past but been on Stocktwits a bunch. For some of the names it seems pretty dead, but maybe people in the industry actually follow the commentary there.

Recently found out about the value investment club which has some great stuff on there. I wish it was possible to network through a site like that.

d4c, what's your opinion? Comment below:

When I say fintwit I mean the finance community on Twitter. A few heavy hitters there and you have anons who are very obviously PMs. You have to follow the right people though.

VIC is great. A lot of the fun happens in the comment sections. That being said it feels like a lot of the discourse just exists on Twitter now.

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What is funny is that the people that ghost you underperform consistently. 

Smoke Frog, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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