Experience- 2 yoe middle office risk at JPM/MS/GS, then 2 yoe on the trading desk at an AM firm (Analyst-> Senior Analyst), mostly ETF/MF. Certainly FO, reviewing/proposing investment strategy, meeting/bullshitting with brokers, lot of swap, future, options, equity, FI, etc trading, but a good deal of it is relating to passive or indexing*... Does it seem feasible to move from this sort of role to a HF/family office PM/research role without the MBA route? 

*Concern being I'd lack the active, discretionary investing experience I assume you would find in many HFs


It seems you would have the fundamentals, but I’m also not in a hiring position, so I’d wait for someone with more relevant experience to chime in

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Well that’s not really a standard diversification strategy for AM firms. HFs typically borrow from big banks, or utilize their wealthy clients funding.

We (and probably the majority of AM firms) manage investment portfolios aiming to minimize risk across a wide range of different asset classes, trading strictly based off internal investment strategies. In my case public markets, but some certainly utilize alternative assets as well.

Offering public or private active and passive Mutual funds, exchange traded funds, etc are also common practice.


I have no idea what “buzzwords” you are referring to. I gave an honest assessment of my job and its responsibilities.

I know I’m looking for feedback, but what a useless take. At the least provide constructive criticism…….

In the plainest English, I handle investments, but they are largely passive and predetermined by higher ups who determine investment strategy in the firm. Will this hurt my chance to work for a fund that invests funding at the PMs discretion?


Do you have experience pitching your own investment ideas? Yes or no. HFs are the easiest places to understand. Can you generate ideas that make money? If so, hired. If not, not hired.


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