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Purely for investing / hedge funds:

Invest like the best / everything else Patrick O'Shaughnessy + group does over there. Not always going to blow your mind here, like sometimes its just Steve Mandel saying obvious stuff like "buy businesses with good moats" or something and I go, did I really learn anything new from this interview? Overall though, great guests and really compelling content

Capital Allocators (Ted Seides) - truly great stuff across a ton of topics

Acquirer's Multiple (Tobias Carlisle)

Value Investing With Legends (Columbia)

Masters in Business (Bloomberg)

Acquired Podcast (only listened to a few here)

Often times there is an emerging manager or person I want to learn from, and then just try and find 1-2 podcast interviews they did from random shows (usually Ted Seides already interviewed them lol). There is a ton of information from just what I listed here


Just a comment. Not defending Mandel or disagreeing with you, and Howard Marks is the worst on that front. 

What makes investing hard to systemize is every case has its nuances even if history does rhyme. So telling you "okay we did a lot of work to gain conviction this is misunderstood about this name." We will be like wow, that's great insight, but when we go back to doing work on another situation, we have to start over because it's a different industry, it's a different theme, different human beings running that company. 

In fact, I agree these podcasts, if listen very carefully, yield very few incremental insights. 


Yeah, pretty much this.

  • Invest Like the Best (Patrick O doesn't need intro)
  • Business Breakdown
  • Acquired (Ben and David don't need intro either)
  • Value Investing with Legends (Columbia)
  • Capital Allocators (Ted Seides worked for David Swensen so he knows every fund manager out there)
  • Founders with David Senra

Re: Invest Like the Best - Thought the Lee Ainslie podcast was really intriguing. I've listened to it twice now. Night and day vs the Mandel pod which I thought was really plain vanilla. Ainsle worked for Mandel and they share a similar investing style, so its less so that, vs. some guests just being better educational speakers. Long story short takeaway is to listen to each pod and if its not interesting right away then just move on.


The paul enright podcast was quite fascinating too. Went pretty deep compared to most on many different topics. He's also done one at capital allocators too..which was very good as well. Would recommend both


i find many of the 'investing' podcasts pretty dogmatic and preachy. i usually just listen to news podcasts and macro stuff, like forward guidance to give a frame about where people's minds are at in the current moment. 

side note: my funds focus is 2-3 year holding periods. likely more short term oriented than most


I used to love these podcasts, but think they are purely for entertainment purposes these days. You never really learn that much and you’re better off just reading 10-Ks / modeling out businesses.


Yea I somewhat agree - at first there is great content to build a foundation, but over time, its more productive to just increase the number of reps across different situations and to flex those muscles for deconstructing interesting new setups. At the same time, I try not to get too closed off to always learning and hearing different ideas + new topics as I think it can help with refining my process and always improving. But as I mentioned, sometimes its not super impactful to hear a legend say "margin of safety" or "buy at a discount to intrinsic value, but with a catalyst!" 


Alpha Exchange and Macro Voices are both good. Latter can become "political" at times but overall content quite good.


one that wasn't yet mentioned: Call Her Daddy (Call Her Daddy is a sex-positive podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper that covers topics related to sex, dating, and relationships, often featuring explicit personal anecdotes and advice from Cooper and her guests)

it really puts you in the Kravis/Schwarzman investment beast mode mindset


Animal Spirits is one of my favorite podcasts in general, and definitely one of the best finance podcasts I have come across.  Michael and Ben are both well-regarded in the industry and break a lot balances perspectives regarding asset management and research approaches.  They also add a flare of pop-culture and current events.  This podcast really covers the topics that are relevant to finance professionals and investors today.

They have a lot of great experts, authors, and thought leaders with fresh perspectives and ideas come on the podcast, which I think is important and refreshing given all the dogma of mainstream finance coverage.  It also helps that they record on a regular the consistency is there.


I used to like Capital Allocators more but Ted NEVER asks anything even resembling a hardball question. It’s all super soft. Their other podcast, private equity deals, in particular. 

He will ask guests how X went and the guest is always like, “yeah it was perfect we hit 40% IRR and it was all perfectly smooth haha I like pancakes”. 

For example he had Klarman on and didn’t really ask about their LP issues etc 


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