Has anyone heard of Guidepoint (Qsight)?

I had a recruiter reach out to me about a quantitative research analyst position in their Qsight group. It seems the group provides information to HFs in investing in the HC space. Does anyone have any insight into if this is a good opportunity and what it could lead to? 

Job Description:

  • Support development of analytics offerings through combining various sources of healthcare industry data (claims, sales/purchasing, etc.)
  • Work with quantitative and qualitative data to derive differentiated market insights
  • Analyze and understand the disparate sources of healthcare industry data
  • Utilize a diverse array of technologies and tools as needed, to deliver insights, such as Excel, Python, SQL
  • Research and stay on top of all publicly available information on relevant markets and companies, including news, earnings releases and FDA filings
  • Conduct quantitative analysis and modeling projects in addition to developing new models, analytic processes and systems approaches

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Nov 29, 2021 - 9:22pm
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