I Received The Cell Phone Number Of My Favorite Hedge Fund Manager From His Partner...How Should I Approach This

I've been working on the sell side of finance for 5 years now and my specialty has been raising capital for private companies primarily in the tech sector, this has suited me well even though I do not have a degree. And although I do like what I do, my true passion is to invest in the public sector with a value strategy. Because my background is non traditional I've always understood I needed to network much more intensely than others inorder to create the best opportunities for myself and finally after months of chasing this particular funds COO he gave me the cell phone number of my favorite hedge fund manager who has a similar background to me and also deploys the same strategy with public equities.(after learning more of his background, we are shockingly very similar people) The reason I'm writing this is to get some advice on what I could say or do that would have this guy want to open a line of communication with me. Thank you!

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Call don't text. Leave a voicemail. Don't write it on bathroom walls.

You definitely want to mention that Coworker Contact gave you the number and encouraged you to reach out. From there you have to know what you want out of the contact. Is your long game to get a job working with the HF or just seeking mentorship? If its a job, you can offer to share some research you've done that align with their strategy. If its mentoring, share your resume and ask for potential career paths from the perspective of someone who has a similar background.

Agree. Text first saying partner gave you phone number, and ask for a good time to call. If you call out of the blue it will be awkward for everyone.

By the way, I would hate my partner if he just gave out my ph number like that. Most normal people shoot a quick email introducing the parties and providing some background.

put it on the phonesex reddit, and scrawl it on the restroom doors saying "call XXX-XXX for a good time"

in the early afternoon just after lunch (1-2pm?), send this text

"hi Paul, my name is PWM. Kevin suggested i reach out to you for a chat, because we have similar backgrounds and he thought it would be a good mentoring opportunity. When would be a good time for a call?"

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