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I haven't been hired at a large MM but I have interviewed around a lot of HFs. It is not a structured process with specific timelines and it is not like undegrad recruiting, so there is no huge rush to compete with other offers. In the day to day work, recruiting is always the last priority. Earnings season has started so everyone is crazy busy. Probably different people waiting to hear back from different people on what they want to do. It took me two and half weeks to move on to another round even though the PM loved me apparently, they just moved slowly. Or you could be their second choice. Or an asteroid hit their servers. The unfortunate answer is it is impossible to tell and the best you can do is be patient and follow up at appropriate intervals. It is a shitty answer but it is also the only thing you can do. 

  • Investment Analyst in AM - Equities

That is brutal sorry to hear - I got rejected at a place where all of their current analysts are GS/MS/JPM + BX/APO/TPG/etc. and I come from no investment banking and just small LOs. Networked my ass off. Shared reservations with them that I recognize I am a non traditional candidate and they said " oh well we don't have strict rules about needing xyz or only hiring from these places, but it has been a coincidence most come from there". Absolutely crushed 3 rounds of interviews. Feedback was "you were a slam dunk when it came to fit, communication, passion, intelligence, and abilities, but we really need someone with a bit more experience to step in". 

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