Scorching Hot Take - Is Munger Really All That Venerable?

I'm sure I will get hate for this, but has been on my mind. Would love to hear what the forum thinks.

Who cares what Munger thinks about successful investing or his life advice if his net worth only got up to $2.6bln? Imagine working until almost 100 (!) just to have less than Paul Tudor Jones or Richard Branson while living a verifiably lamer life.

Don't think most people would be interested in doing what he did even if they knew how much they stood to make at the end of it all. Maybe I'm young but seems like a scam. RIP Munger though.


Then why be an associate in private equity if you are worried about becoming a slave to money? Most people in this industry are here for that alone. By his own admission in some of his past interviews, Munger got into investing because he wanted to become wealthy and be free. Seems like there were better ways to do that. Of course this is hindsight but the point probably stands for people learning from his example.

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Hope this is bait. You’ll never even sniff anywhere near that amount. And the guys that hoard money like the greedy fuckers they are? They’re part of the problem of the world. Munger tried to be a part of the solution. He was truly someone to admire. Learn a little about him maybe.


Your headline got my attention because I would have loved to have read a well constructed argument, but yours is trash. I think munger and Buffett are true value guys who have brought a lot of transparency to investing for the layman.

What I cannot stand is the shills on LinkedIn and Twitter trashing “EBITDA” saying shit like “What I’ve learned from Charlie Munger is that NET INCOME IS MUCH BETTER THAN EBITDA!”. No, you retards, both buffet and munger are cash flow guys lmao


People don’t understand how Charlie and Warren speak. The simplify their messages and speak in aphorisms. For example, the truth is EBITDA is crap a lot of the time but not because of the concept and usefulness. It’s because management messages the hell out of it. You see this play out in M&A when there are disagreements on true EBITDA.


Such a stupid troll post with some really bad assumptions. Charlie was not solely focused on pursuing wealth. He had varied interests and made time for his family. He figured out life and should be a role model anyone in business. People forget that you can’t buy happiness, but I would add to that a sincerely fulfilling life. While you can’t always be happy or fulfilled in every moment of your existence, your pursuit of wealth shouldn’t come at a holistic cost to either. Moreover, by all accounts he was a gem of a human being professionally and in his personal life. One of the big reasons he “only” had a couple billion net worth is because he was focused on philanthropy early on unlike some billionaires who decide to start donating at the end of their lives. 

If it isn’t clear, him and Warren did not operate in the same manner. And that’s not a knock on Warren - to each either own. 


When people say they hate pod shop hardos, this is the reason.


This isn't scorching it's just stupid, he and Warren are 2 of the indisputable best investors of the past century lol

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I'm all for giving the man his due respect. He was one of a very few people who could truly think outside the box but how good was he actually as an investor? Numbers talk in this business. From what I could gather he generated 20 percent cagr for 13 or so years in his partnership where he held 5/6 positions that were extremely volatile.  So if his positions were up 70 percent one year they'd be down 30 percent the next. This volatility is also eventually what got him killed when his fund was down about 90 percent in 1974 and investors pulled their money. At berkshire his best investments have been costco and byd. Is all this really enough to call him an investing legend?


This logic misses the point.

Fama French’s paper came out in 1992. The “concept” of factor investing wasn’t around and there certainly weren’t ETFs or derivatives available to hedge such exposures for the majority of the market’s history (let alone sufficient liquidity to do such hedging without prohibitive transaction costs). 

So using a beta / idio framework is ignoring historical context. Like by that logic, I can take any of your best American hedgies and drop them in Indonesia to trade stocks and they’ll be just as good - something I am happy to bet money on. 

Munger is an historical artefact in investing, as important as any political figure/statesman given what his presence in the market has consequently led to (which ironically is the framework you are citing).


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