Tips to improve/perform in a Buy-Side Hedge Fund Analyst role

I am a TMT Equity Research Analyst for a Hedge Fund in Brazil, got in straight out of uni. The main fund I am in has $4B, half of it dedicated to overseas markets (mainly US). The main team I am in is a Long-Short portfolio consisting of ~$150MM. We are a relatively small team fund consisting of teams of a PM and 1-3 analysts. So there is basically no dedicated modeling - we go over Sell-Side models and research and analyze it. 

I want to step up at my job. Problem is I lack overall industry experience. Despite knowing how to do models, I am unsure which ones to implement (or if they are even that worth it) such as Share Price Sensitivity Analysis. I am also eager to know which aspects/habits any of you think/have would boost overall performance (aka you have experience, what would you wish you had known as a first-year/starting out)?

As always, thanks in advance!

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May 29, 2021 - 6:01am
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