Advice Needed - Improving the dynamics of my networking calls

I'm seeking advice on improving the dynamics of my networking calls. Often, when I'm on calls with full-time analysts, the conversation tends to follow a rigid Q&A pattern. I'll pose a question, and they provide a detailed response, sometimes preemptively addressing additional queries they anticipate I might have. This cycle repeats, for about half an hour, with me either commenting on something they mentioned or shifting the topic. I can't help but question if the formulaic nature of these interactions stems from the analyst's lack of interest, fatigue, or perhaps a preference for efficiency. It makes me reflect on my own approach to these discussions, and makes me wonder why I'm not facilitating a more engaging dialogue.

If you've had a call structured similar to this, how do you suggest I improve the conversational flow in these networking calls to make them more interactive and less Q&A structured?


I honestly think it depends on the banker. Have had upwards of 100 networking calls and sometimes you land on someone that expects you to fire questions one after another. In my honest opinion those are the most pointless calls, way too robotic and interrogatory. I think it’s not a you problem, just on their end. Best of luck


Have similar experiences but think I could just be somewhat boring

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So many factors outside of your control and not on your radar (which isn’t your fault, just naturally occurring). What you could do is try to change the angle. They know why you’re approaching and what your intent is (just like a sales guy approaching you, you naturally go more defensive). If you manage to get more on a personal level (pick something in common or rather unique station, you could come up with a question they didn’t anticipate or haven’t been asked yet) and break the ice that way. Try to build similarities and show genuine interest in them. People love hearing and talking about themselves.

If they’re just grinned to the bone and are giving their last bit to answer your questions, which again, isn’t your fault, it’s just unlucky circumstances.

Lastly, rate for good networking calls is often times way less than what you might expect. If I send 10 mails, 3-4 chats is already a good quote.


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