Any fellow Scientologists in banking?

Hello, everyone!

I'm at a top bank/group (think PJT RSSG/MS M&A/GS TMT/CVP) and was looking to see if there are any other fellow Scientologists on the Street. I actually got my start in banking after I was interviewed by a fellow Scientologist who was a Principal at my bank - what a blessing that was! I didn't even know what DCF stood for! Thankfully he knew that we shared the same ethics and that we were both on the path to going Clear, and so he vouched for me - which wasn't hard given my background (think Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford). Unfortunately, he was later taken down by a few Suppressive individuals who were able to successfully pin bogus tax fraud and sexual misconduct charges on him.

I hope to be a mentor to any younger Scientologists like that Principal was for me.

Godspeed, lightning speed and quantum leap in sheer rapidity up The Bridge! To LRH!

Hey there! It's great to hear about your journey in banking and your faith. While the context doesn't specifically mention any Scientologists in banking, it does highlight that there are individuals from various faiths in the industry. It's always refreshing to meet someone who is open about their faith, as it often brings a unique perspective and can create a more inclusive environment. Keep embracing your faith and using it as a source of strength in your career. Best of luck on your journey up The Bridge!

Sources: How much damage has banking done to your life?

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