Best business "cheap" schools for master in finance


unfortunately I am unable to afford the master programs at schools like LSE, LBS, HEC, Boconi etc.

So I wanted to ask if there are any other top business schools in Europe - I was thinking of Rotterdam or WHU - but do I still have good chances of making it into IB with these schools?



Depends on where in Europe you plan to work after you complete your MSc and also where you are from. If your goal is London, you could break into IB/PE from more affordable programmes like Bocconi, St. Gallen, WHU. However it seems that London recruiters choose students from these unis not only because of their programmes, but also because they are native speakers of "target" languages for Europe coverage (German/Italian/French). 


One of the best value for money schools must, for sure, be Nova SBE. Pretty cheap, been rising a ton, great placements into London and Frankfurt!


According to LinkedIn NOVA does not place in London. Places well in Frankfurt but Germans only. Not the best university if you are not German or Portuguese, you may risk becoming apolid in career


Seems like a last resort for many Germans. I think the outcomes are relatively better if you just need a check stamp masters (in not finance), but expecting to be placed in top institutions is dubious. 


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