Black Friday — What are you buying? / Best IB Purchases Thread

Figured a fun thread could be best Black Friday purchases for those in this industry. Looking for some ideas to spend on to make myself feel better about the hours I work. I’ll start with my favorites:
-New non-stick pans
-A $500 stick vacuum
-A $150 mini tv for my room
-New Sheets/Blanket
-A decent Monitor/ Keyboard


Two things that go a long way in banking are a good WFH setup (spend the money on a nice chair) and a nice bed with high quality pillows and sheets. You won’t regret spending the extra money.


Analyst 2 in IB-M&A:

Stylish quilted jacket

Black leather Chelsea boots

Black jeans / light wash jeans

Nice cologne

I already have a killer keyboard and mouse, oversized mouse pad (that both mouse and keyboard sit on) and 2 monitors courtesy of work. Will say that maxing out your WFH setup makes a big difference.

What’s your killer keyboard if I may ask?


Finally somewhere I can add value.

Logtech MX (MX denotes mechanical, as opposed to membrane) is probably your best bet for mainstream mechanical keyboard, though I think they only offer low-profile keycaps now, as opposed to a taller, graduated, cherry profile.

There are 3 main categories of MX switches: linear, tactile, and clicky. There are also "silent" variants that have gaskets to mute the sound of keystrokes, but this dilutes the feedback from the keys.

DO NOT get clicky switches (often "blue") unless you live alone, or you hate everyone around you and want to motivate them to murder you.

Linear switches actuate without a tactile response, while tactile and clicky switches provide tactile feedback upon actuation.

In general, most people prefer tactile switches for typing activities and linear switches for gaming, but this is personal preference.

Mainstream alternatives to Logitech from more gaming-orientated companies include SteelSeries, Corsair, and Razer, HyperX, etc.

I am a fan of Ducky keyboards, they make a variety of layouts and have some funky designs if you're into that.

If you need to save desk space, you could opt for a 65%, 75%, or TKL layout and then add a macro/num pad separately.

And if you want to light money and time on fire, you can build your own custom mechanical keyboard after waiting two years for your $1,000 of materials to arrive so you can spend an entire weekend assembling it. In case it wasn't clear, do not do this.


Suitsupply for sure doesn't, they used to run outlet sales a couple times a year but stopped. You might have luck at some of the bigger brands like Brooks Brothers or at the major retailers like Nordstrom. Spier & Mackay is usually already priced better than most OTR suits (and better quality IMO) and might have a sale going on.


Never heard of this but looks good. How often do they restock if you know?

And how did you find out they added new stock? Was it via an email subscription? Thanks


Any keyboard and mouse recommendations please? A1 with no knowledge of world of mechanical keyboards


Logitech mx mechanical keyboard (tactile) + Logitech mx master 3s. Expensive but will be a game changer and looks minimalist sleek and is on the quieter side (I use it at the office and my colleagues haven’t complained yet - in fact they want to buy one for themselves too). There may be a bundle sale for Black Friday


Do you think the logitech keyboard is a big value add vs. laptop built in keyboard (lenovo thinkpad)? On the fence of buying it but it looks quiet similar (yeah don't judge looks I know) than the standard plain vanilla keyboards my firm hands out. 

The other mechanical keyboards on the market (e.g. daskeyboard) seem to be much more special but I am not sure if they are a big value add for professional services work.


Don’t listen to anyone saying to get a Logitech. Get a Keychron Q6 with brown switches – fully customizable / hot swappable and feels great to type on. There’s people that have made this into a full hobby and would generally agree that Keychron is a great entry level typist keyboard. If you really want to spoil yourself, go on kbdfans and see what exists (yes, keyboards can be $600).


Bought myself a small digital watch for my bathroom shelf. Small gadget but quiet a game changer in the morning. Noticed I am less hasty and on top of that waste less time running around the house looking for my phone to check time. 

I'd also look for noise cancelling headphones. I have got myself the Sony WH-1000XM4 and they are amazing for focus work. Also amazing for home to block out traffic noise or neighbors. 


What year gt3? Did you get it as a 1st year associate or is your title outdated?

It’s a 2015. Just got Dundon headers to go with the full Crack Pipe. I’m As2 now but I got the car when I was An3. 
Was hoping to get a 3RS this year, but I got mine when interest rates were dirt cheap and it doesn’t make sense to give up 2% for 7% unless car prices decline significantly.


I’m gonna upgrade a couple things I use daily. A better trash can and a coat rack most likely.

Edit: I’m still looking for a coat rack. May order an open wardrobe from Ikea. I ended up ordering leather Chelsea boots and a three-pack of fragrances from Alt. Both over 50% off and I had been considering buying them since the summer. I’m overall just curious if the Alt fragrances smell good at all. They were $33 per scent which felt reasonable enough to try.


New woods, irons, wedges, and putter.

Most importantly, new coach and new swings.


My parents are dead and I'm a bitter and hateful man so I normally just steal all other people's packages from the package room that accumulate during the week of Christmas, while their rightful owners are out of town with their families. I go for all different shapes & sizes of packages and even wrap each of them in different wrapping paper, colorful bows, everything. Then on Christmas day I get wicked drunk on expensive whiskey and do my own secret santa for myself with the shit I stole from my neighbors. 

I'm quite the minimalist and throw it away most times, however what really brings me joy is when I open a package and find something extremely expensive and useful. Not because I want it but because I know that now someone else can't have it. 


I live in the American Gardens building on West 81st street.