Follow up advice on PE firm - Any way to turn my situation around?

I recently interviewed with a PE firm. I did really well in 1st round - got along with the associates, got all their fit, technical and theoretical questions. Got called to set up a second interview the next day and a few days later did second round with director-levels.

Second round didn't go as great. I don't think it went poorly, but it wasn't smooth like 1st round. Sent a thank email to both, got a reply from one (because I felt I rushed his case study question, I explained myself and gave a better answer) - he said 'great followup', and no response from the other one (who is the person heading the process).

Haven't heard back yet - it's been about 5 days (including weekend). Is there anything I can do in this case? I know one of the associates - should I be honest and ask him for advice: "I was nervous/wasn't on my A-game and I don't think I presented myself in the best light with the directors. Is there anything I can do to prove myself"? Or maybe be candid to the director running the process?

I think the main thing is - I have proven that I "get it" for PE - technical skills and theory. But I haven't done a good job in saying 'why me' vs. traditional bankers. I do have a good answer for it - but I don't think it came across in the interview.


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kanon, what's your opinion? Comment below:

No headhunter... So I don't have them to make a case for me. I'm just wondering if reaching out to them to better state my case (why me) makes sense here...

I have had situations in the past where an added effort has made a difference. Re: Called a VP after being dinged post-superday and turned it around into an offer. But maybe this is more common in banking than PE...?

acronymous, what's your opinion? Comment below:

wouldn't reach out... just makes you look desperate

DJ Long Straddle, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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