Goldman Sachs Toronto Office

I am interested in the Goldman Sachs Toronto office. Obviously, it's a regional office, but how's the deal flow? Does anyone have any experience or any knowledge of this office? How does the deal flow stack up to The Big Five Canadian Banks? is this a reputable office to be at? I hear they have a hedge fund mandate. If anyone knows ANYTHING about Goldman Sachs Canada, please post.
Much Appreciated.


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okok and what about online applications... I'm assuming I should aim for GS To rather than any other office since I go to a canadian school right?

It depends on your school, if you aren't at Ivey HBA or Queen's Commerce, you likely have 0 chance at even getting an interview at GS. protip: Online (non-ocr) applications are a waste of time!


This is a pointless post as GS toronto is small - there's two analysts, both are from Queen's Commerce. They hire one a year, max 2 a year for the analyst Toronto GS Class. They usually take number 1 from either Ivey or Queen's. I'm talking about from the undergrad level. You pretty much have no shot of getting it unless you fit the 10-20 students they would actually consider.

GS New York, San Fran, etc. you'll have a better shot, but you need to go to Queen's/Ivey. I think Queen's is sending around 7 students to GS NY IBD.


To set the story straight, GS Toronto historically only hired from Ivey and Queen's. If you look at both their junior and senior bankers, you'll see that most of them hold undergraduate degrees from one of the two schools. Over the last few years, the office has, however, begun to look at a few other schools for summer analyst positions (e.g. UofT) and has even opted to participate in co-op internship programs with kids from UW.

The full-time GS Toronto class of 2009 had one Ivey kid and one Queen's kid (delayed lateral); for 2010, it was two Queen's kids (one delayed lateral); for 2011; it was once again one of each.

Once again, for the summer alone, there seems to be a focus on Ivey and Queen's and every year, there seem to be 1-2 kids hired in Toronto with 8-10 sent to NY, SF and LA. Generally, Queen's kids tend to have a bit of an advantage as many have the benefit of interviewing early due to exchange programs conflicting with the general recruiting season. Thus, they usually have the opportunity to snatch up summer spots before Ivey and other kids are even looked at.


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