Ireland to NY IB

Most people from Ireland that do IB do it in London. I am not in uni yet and am wondering is it feasible to get into IB in New York out of college in Ireland, as Ny IB seems to have better pay and exit opps to better paying PE firms. Any thoughts shared would be appreciated.


IB alone is impossible to get into from college unless you’re the top in your class or you have some other separating factor. Work on what you can do to get to London would be my advice as that in itself is a near-insurmountable task!


I am curious why so many people say it is "impossible" unless you got to a top school when I've got an offer at a BB, I'm from a state school.

I know many "non target" IB people at top groups in the street, heck I know a complete non target at BX PE.... If you prep early enough and are proactive with recruiting and networking, you'll have a decent shot. Do top schools have an advantage? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean is impossible from other schools, just takes more work. 

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Your most likely bet would be:

Masters/Undergrad at Trinity College Dublin or UCD in home or alternatively do a STEM/Economics/Humanity degree at Oxbridge/LSE/UCL/Imperial/Warwick if not (Durham, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Bristol are SOLID UK semi-targets) and apply for IB in London. It's already hard enough for UK Undergrads with no American ties to apply straight to SA's/FT in the US, especially given how competitive Ivy admission is there, you'll be treated as a second class applicant regardless. Do a degree from a top Irish/British Uni, apply for London IBs and try lateral internally or externally to NYC after 0.5-2 years minimum. Alternatively, if you back yourself, apply for overseas scholarships at American Unis or do a semester/year abroad at one where you can build up your network at the very least in the States. Good luck, it's certainly hard and not well-trodden, but very achievable with the right plan. 


Is it relatively easy to get the move to NYC if you’re a good performer? Starting an analyst stint and hoping to move to NYC with the firm when a2a promotion happens


Is it relatively easy to get the move to NYC if you're a good performer? Starting an analyst stint and hoping to move to NYC with the firm when a2a promotion happens

Generally very easy. You normally have more movement the other way and, there is far more A2A retention in Europe (although this may change in the current market). 


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