Just got a job in IB, what kind of clothes do I need?

I'm a graduating senior at a non-target and landed an M&A gig at a boutique MM bank. I have two not-so-flashy suits and a couple of french blue and white shirts. What else should I expect to wear to the office? I think it makes sense to stay away from high-end brands, but I still want quality clothing, so I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has recommendations on where to shop and what pieces I should add to my wardrobe. thanks! 

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Get a couple of suits that are navy or dark grey, a few white shirts, and black oxford shoes. While I've never been to a bank where people wear ties, I do know that some banks want you to wear a tie on client meetings, so would get a dark navy tie with white polka dots just in case. Formal shoes are uncomfortable as hell, so if your bank allows it, I would also get a couple of sneakers. I usually go with dark suede sneakers. People have been wearing sneakers with their suits at pretty much every place I've been at. Would also be prepared for more informal events. I usually just go with suit pants, a white shirt, and a half-zip sweater for such events. Would say that the key is to dress professionally without going over the top. If you exaggerate, people will see you as a total jerkoff. If you underdress, they will think you're not taking the job seriously. 

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Uniqlo's non-iron shirts are very affordable and are good quality

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Economist90, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Never wear a black suit unless you're going to a funeral or a wedding

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BigKahunaBanker🏄🍹🍔, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Do as I do - slacks, boat shoes, and original linen Aloha shirts. Cheers!

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If you're in London, pair of decent black toe cap Oxford + navy suit/white shirt will go a long way

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Okay this will make you look like every other analyst in NYC but its better to not overcomplicate. You can add color/style as you climb the ladder/get more comfortable with the job. 

2 suits - Navy / Gray 

5-7 dress shirts - Comprised of I) Whites (3-4) ii) blues (2-3) and iii) non-offensive stripes (1-2) 

4 pants - 2 navy / 2 grays that matches your suit jacket 

2 belts - 1 brown 1 black (match your shoe colors)

3 shoes - 1 black oxford / 1 brown oxford (or you can choose a bit 'flashier' style); 1 sneaker that you can wear to the office and/or go to the gym with 

Good amount of pairs of socks - you can have a little bit of color/design on these, gives a good contrast from the monotone blue/gray you have going on

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This is top tier and sums up all you need. For shirts I would recommend Charles Thyrwitt. Good quality and you can get them for $20-30 a piece during sales. Suits I got from Men's Warehouse clearance. Honestly was a power move. Paid like $80-100 per suit and then got them tailored for another $50 each. 

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Cov

Charles Tyrwhitt for dress shirts, be conscious of the material and weave pattern. Invest in quality dress shoes, can be expensive but probably worth getting Allen Edmonds.

Wannabeburry, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I have a couple of their white and blue traditional dress shirts, don't know the product name or material off the top of my head, but I love them. I don't think you can go wrong with those. 

Also, have a couple of their golf polos in their athletic material, and I'd honestly stay away from those. Nothing special about them. 

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Twill and Poplin. Semi-Spread and Spread Collar. Maybe one straight collar just for a different look

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Finamazing20, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Sneaker recommendations?

WestCoastChimp4521, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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