Sophomore Boutique IB Internship: Ask directly in cold email?


I am currently a sophomore at a west coast non-target looking to land a summer internship at a boutique shop. I have a search fund internship under my belt and have begun preparing a list of firms/people to contact. However, after reading maybe 15+ discussions I've found a lot of conflicting information on whether to directly inquire about internships and include a resume in initial cold emails or to set up informal interviews first. I've gotten the impression that setting up informal interviews is more effective for junior year SA / FT recruiting while cold emails asking directly about internship opportunities is better for freshmen/sophomores since you can send out a larger volume (please correct me if this is totally wrong). Which would be the better approach for a non-target sophomore? I appreciate any input.

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The way I phrased it in my cold emails was something like "…would love to set up a time to hop on a call and learn more about your experience at [X firm], as well as any possible internship opportunities this summer at the firm.."

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Thanks for your response. I'm planning to start reaching out in October/November - would that be too early?

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If you can secure a sophomore IB internship before recruiting for your junior year internship kicks off i think you'd be in a great spot, but think you're fine either way. I started over winter break

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got it. Thanks, I appreciate your help

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