Super Low GPA but rlly good experience

For context, i go to a semi target that places above its weight in IB (smu/tulane/w&l/wake). I am a rising sophmore and my gpa is a flat 3.0. This summer I am interning at a MM IB in my hometown that is well respected regionally. When I go back to school Im gonna grind my ass off (i just fucked around freshman year) and i think i can get a minimum 3.7. 

Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm assuming I just need to network my ass off for even first round interviews but please let me know any next moves.

Is IB even still an option for me?


many banks have a hard cutoff at 3.5 just to apply. if you can get at least a 3.65+ and network as hard as possible then you might have a shot. good luck!


Don't stress, my friend. The GPA cutoff is only a cutoff if you choose to fill in that section on the application. 

I come from a super non-target with a cumulative 3.29 and an English major. Landed a respectable junior summer NYC IB internship. Didn't bother filling out the gpa section and no questions were asked throughout the interview process. Over and out mate. 


Depends on the bank but for the most part yes banks recruit second semester of sophomore year with the process going until the end of first semester junior year. Definitely have a 3.5+ by second semester soph or else you’ll just get automatically filtered out regardless of resume or networking. Some banks like DB have second waves in the fall of junior year so ensure ur gpa doesn’t fall during recruitment as well 


Agree with the rest of this, but the reality is that the candidate pool is already too crowded and people reviewing resumes are looking for reasons to remove you rather than keep you.

I think not including your GPA is definitely the move unless it’s a 3.5. My group, for whatever reason, is a bunch of GPA hardos and only accept kids with 3.8+ or engineering 3.5+.

It’s super competitive right now so just keep that in mind, your experience sounds fine but realistically it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Just try to network hard, especially through your alumni network, and hope that carries you past the initial screen.


Analyst 1 in IB-M&A:

Will I get removed for not including GPA or how does that work?

At some places for sure but it’s better than not making it through the screen everywhere else.

Someone below made a very strong point, your only job in school is to do well. If I have go through 500+ resumes for 1-2 spots and need to lower that number to 15-20 for interviews, why wouldn’t I auto reject someone who is either stupid or doesn’t care enough to do well?

I think your best bet is to not include anything about your GPA.


some banks this will be a deal breaker but some you will be able to get through whole process without submitting a gpa. definitely a bummer to lose out on most BB/EB options but not the end of the world

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LOL dude what insight is a former intern likely to have after 10 weeks of formatting? Many (most?) first year analysts are still completely useless after 9 months.  I view GPA as a reasonably objective proxy for the ability to focus and meet deadlines. Stuff you need as an analyst.

This is a personal view. Someday you can go to bat for all the kids with 3.0s if you like.      


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