“Tell me something about you that not many people know”

Reminiscing on the interview days as all these 12 year olds are flooding WSO asking what to do if a MD smiles at you during an interview or what color tie do I wear type questions

I was in an interview with a MD when I was asked “tell me something about you that not many people know.” Obviously, I had a rehearsed answer lined up but had this random inkling to go off the cuff with something only a few people in my life (<5 friends) know. I got this vibe from him that he would be interested in this. I told him “I have helped make music that you have probably heard.” We then got talking and I essentially told him that I used to make quite a bit of music and would collaborate with artists around the nation. As I was making music I met this person who I just knew was going to be famous, the way they write and sound was a breathe of fresh air (I must admit I have an ear for this stuff and consume a lot of music). I grew very close to this person talking and making music on a near-daily basis. To this date I have about 20-30 unreleased songs from this person that probably half would go platinum with the right promoting. Anyway, fast forward a few years and this person has won grammys and made music with the biggest names in music. As I was telling the MD about this I could see him losing his mind a little bit so I stopped and asked if he knew the artist to which he responded “I am familiar” I then laughed and he then said “I actually went to their concert with my daughter a few weeks ago” and I just started dying laughing because it’s not a genre you would find a 45+ MD listening to. He was then thinking I was pulling his chain and didn’t believe me till I kid you not over zoom I showed him photos, videos, and even played some unreleased music. The rest of the call he was just asking me about what it is like to make music and who are the most famous people I know. It was quite funny.

I got the offer 2 hours after the interview… what’s even funnier is he never told anyone why he wanted to hire me over some of the other candidates. A VP told me after a few months on the desk “you must’ve killed it with him, he was very forward in getting you an offer.” Every now and then he will wink and smile at me in passing and I just laugh inside. Feels like a “my dawg” moment. As a gesture of my departure, I did get my friend to film a video for his daughter and family as a thank you. Not sure I could ever replicate this experience but as my time in IB comes to an end and the new journey begins I wanted to share the story of how I broke in

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It’s refreshing to hear stories like this, really cool


Great story. Thank you for sharing

If I was asked this, I genuinely wouldn’t know what to say. Maybe “I’m gay”? I feel like if the interviewer was gay it’d go well, and if they weren’t it’d be an unmitigated disaster.


Yeah that’s a hard one that could go many different ways. I felt safe that even if he didn’t know who the artist was I could explain how making music taught me to be precise, hard-working, blah blah blah


I am choosing to keep that anonymous so that I don’t dox myself


Cry harder beast.

Never asked a question to anyone. Pretty easy to see throughout the post this was me sharing a story. If you don’t like it, move on. You seem butt hurt when you comment something like that on this :)


You seem to be the one butt hurt for someone pointing out that you like to talk about yourself. 

FYI. The title of your post was: "Tell Me Something About You That Not Many People Know". If I'm a reader, I'm thinking it's a forum about people revealing stuff that many people may not know rather than a story from one guy who is so cool that he has to tell everybody just how cool he is.


"producing music with my md and joining him at Lollapalooza..." 

oh wait


I also loved this question because I knew the interview was going to wrap up soon after. When they would ask it, I would bite my lip as I waited for them to finish speaking since I was overjoyed with what I’d be able to tell my interviewer. I would then proceed to stand up exposing my erect genitalia to my interviewer telling them that I was edging to them for the entire interview. I remember I was asked that question at two SDs for mid-tier BBs and I recall vividly the interviewer signing off immediately and just staring at the blank screen of my laptop. I would wait and ponder for 5 minutes and my laptop would go into sleep mode and all I saw was the reflection of my cock through my dark screen… I would reflect in that position for roughly an hour and then go on with my day. It was a competitive year so unfortunately did not get a call back with an offer. I ended up taking an offer at a reputable MM, but unfortunately was not asked that question during the interview process.


Bruh if this story is real why would you even do IB of all things

You blew your once-in-a-lifetime shot 

Worst case, you'll be a social media influencer with a couple million followers. Best case, you'll make a ton of money while being in circles that no one else will be able to gain access to 


The story is wonderful! It's important to notice moments and be open to them, as you did in this interview. Your spontaneity and sincerity have brought you unexpected success. This is a reminder of the importance of being authentic and sharing your unique experiences and interests. This is the beauty of interacting with people - we always have the opportunity to amaze and surprise simply by being ourselves. Good luck in the new stage of your journey!


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