Agree if you are pre mba/still searching after it is fine. 

Putting it on your profile is one thing, actually posting it is weird. 


Extremely autistic to put it on your LinkedIn profile, but then again majority of finance-LinkedIn pages are already bottomless cringe terror so might as well steer into the storm and be a part of it


There is a major difference between selling yourself and coming off as having zero EQ and being a weird person. 

Having it on your Linkedin-profile will achieve absolutely nothing, it's not like the best MBA program or Warren Buffet will come across your profile and think: "holy fck we need this guy his GMAT or GPA is sick".

In the off change that someone actually comes across your profile, having it there tells them that 1) You are insecure and need to brag about your score, 2) You don't really know how handle yourself in a classy way, 3) You are cringe on Linkedin and are likely cringe IRL as well.

Also yes to your question, same logic with GPA. Show it to those whom it matters to, leave out the rest

Most Helpful

Putting your test scores on a website intended to connect you with recruiters and hiring managers is hardly having zero EQ...

Having it on your resume and LinkedIn can be helpful. I used to have my SATs on there (haven't sat my GMAT yet) and I've had people make positive remarks about it during interviews for university clubs and internships.

I know people who do it and who are totally down to earth and successful people. Goes against your idea that people who do it are all socially brain-dead.

I kind of get the feeling people who see it as abrasive are kind of insecure about their own achievements and need to put people with high GPAs or test scores down. It's like they're being guilted into selling themselves short or something by those who aren't as successful. 

Also "It's not like the best MBA program ... will come across your profile and think: holy fck we need this guy his GMAT or GPA is sick" LOL I'm pretty sure that is definitely part of how it works. Admissions care about your GPA and GMAT scores.


Resume: practically mandatory if you have a 730+ and you are currently reading for an MBA degree. LinkedIn: not terribly cringe if you have a 770+. This is based on guidance from the recruitment office at my program.


Resume always no reason not to. Splitting hairs here though anyways. Difference between 730 and 770 is 3 percentile lol, mind you anything after 760 is 99th. 


It certainly feels pretty arbitrary to me too, which is why I just repeated verbatim what we were told at the time. It’s up to the individual to decide whether to believe it or call BS.


OP obviously wanted confirmation bias for putting GMAT on LinkedIn and got absolutely none lol.


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