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This is always a bad question: it's group dependent, deal flow dependent, and team sizing dependent. 

For example, a few months ago a previously chill group at a more relaxed bank was mentioned on here in the sweaty groups thread. Their deal flow was quoted at being up 700% YoY. 

Deal flow can vary year by year. Sweaty groups can become more relaxed for months on end due to market dynamics or several MDs leaving. 

Finally, it's team sizing dependent. If a team underhires on A1s, those A1s can get smoked (even in chiller groups). On the contrary, if a sweaty group overhires A1s and forecasted retention issues do not pan out, those A1s might have it way easier than the class before them. 


Many people don’t wanna admit it, but current WLB is really good in most BB coverage groups such as BofA CS Barclays given deal flow is down 50% with a dead leverage finance market. Been in my group for 3 years and it has never been this quiet.. particular this month till thanksgiving. We know most coverage groups over hired with tons of asso/analysts not doing much. Lay off has to happen mid next year.


How many years have u been working? Everything is relative - this is without doubt the quietest ever. If ur team is crushed right now, they prob never slept during covid times as it was easily 2x as many deal. 


Any product group at a BB. Barclays and BoFA are pretty good in general too. All EBs have terrible hours


Based on this forum I've p much come to the conclusion that wlb is inversely correlated with prestige


I think alot of people misunderstand work life balance does not equal good culture. A bank can have a good culture (respectful seniors, good analyst class, caring associates) but bad WLB because the deal flow is high.

So in conclusion, if you want good WLB, you go to a shop that does not have great deal flow. Top groups in BB and EB will all have bad WLB because of the sheer amount of deals they get.


With current deal flows, most banks wlb is great right now. As above poster mentioned, WLB really ebs and flows with broader markets


Yup. Fuck EVR and especially fuck my group. Miserable group of lifeless dorks


UBS TMT. No MDs. One Associate I know (who recently left) did 0 work and traveled around the world for a full year. He/she still got paid. 


Idk if its changed but every thread I read on Truist was them not actually having much deal flow but having to do a lot of these like internal meeting things that I'm 100% blanking on the name of that would eat up crazy amounts of time.


Former employee and this is accurate. You’ll spend a ton of time on “client planning” which is basically just b.s. internal work and on leverage reads which are sometimes sponsor agnostic. Your mileage may vary, but it’s surprisingly sweaty in many groups. 


At a 30-40 person boutique. Over street pay, low volume/high quality deals, culture is great, protected Saturdays, etc. Think this is an underrated path. Planning to exit to VC with even better hours. Still not easy of course, but I cope by thinking of this as basically 2 more years of school that are going to set me up for the long term.


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