6 months off cycle internship advices

Hello guys, I'll have a 6 months internship to do in 2023 (from January to June, but I'm available until August 31st basically).
I'm looking for internship in London or US since I'm not from a target University in France and that my chances are of 0 in Paris.
I speak 4 languages (French, English, Chinese and Spanish), I have a little experience in consulting as an amateur (President of the Junior Entreprise in the Uni), and have some work experience (not finance related, 1 in a startup in Paris who make IFE for planes, another in my dad's store, and another last summer in a cinema to make some money + I'm a huge cinema fan).
I'm young (19 at January 2023),and I'll make clear I want to pursue my studies after my degree (in a master), even though I'll have another 4 months internship to do in 2024.
I've win some good LinkedIn connections even if my Uni as like 3 alumni in IB ( I linked 1 MD at Blackrock London who agrees to link to me and a GS MD in NY, in research dep who accepted to link to me after I wrote my opinion to her on a GS Top of Mind paper).
I think it will be all by networking, I have 0 problem to go to London for interviews (I saved enough money this summer).
Do you think it's possible to find a 6 months internship vacation, considering we're 1 year before and that I don't have a lot of connections?
Thank you for reading all of this!!

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It'sFreeRealEstate, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I think you have largely more chances in France. Companies in the UK and the US will need to sponsor you which is unlikely for an internship, esp. if they dont know ur university at all and u dont have amazing experience. Network in France and with ur background I am pretty sure you will find something. (Btw If u need a french speaker to talk to, just pm me)

zarqon, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I agree, I think I have more chances in France, but I feel like it's applicable to everything except IB of finance in general. Here we don't have the same education system, and the firms are mostly asking for students in a master degree for financial internships. But a thing I don't understand is why French students have to have a lot of work experience when the majority of UK students can get summer internships with basically 0 work experience

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As the poster above said, no firm is going to sponsor you for a visa. Regardless of the ranking of your school, you need to find something in France.

zarqon, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Yes, the brexit changed a lot of things for the visa, it was easier for EU students before. To be honest I don't see why the firms wouldn't accept to sponsor me, as it's a long vacation, not just 10 weeks. Is it harder to them when it's on a longer period?

zarqon, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Honestly a boutique would be perfect. Do you think something like Evercore would be possible? Or is it too big?

wolfofthecity, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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