accept point72 offer?

Have a SA 2024 offer from Point72 and it expires pretty soon. I'm in the process of interviewing with a few PE shops and banks but I doubt any of them will be back in time. For context I'm a computer science major at a HYPSM school hoping to work in tech investing long term. I don't want to say no to this offer without having anything else lined up, and I'm pretty confused on what I should do. From talking with friends that did point72/citadel, rerecruiting for PE full time wasn't too difficult. I'm also in the process of recruiting with a few banks but don't really have an interest in those if I can avoid it. Any thoughts on what I should do?

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You wont be doing long term investing at a MM HF. However, you can prob easily recruit for PE FT tho. Know someone from a non-target go from p72 to PE analyst FT so you can easily do it

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good to hear. Was it a MF?

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Is this Academy Analyst or a different program 

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How long after case study did you get offer

jidgae, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Dm me pls

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It's a summer program, if you can't accelerate your other interviews then take it it's a good program

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that's what im thinking

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Congrats man. I'm in the process and have a couple quick q's, would you mind DM'ing me?

normall1907, what's your opinion? Comment below:

take the offer, back home we say its better to have one bird in your hand rather than 10 birds on a tree away from you

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Can you DM me

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